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Mom dresses samples. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Mom dresses samples. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

mother (mom) 52
Meaning of the dream: protection and affection will come from a person close

52 - Smorfia classic: Mom 52

samples 45
Interpretation of the dream: jealousy in love

samples of fabrics 19
Translation: to iron out misunderstandings

samples of packaging 49
Dream description: do not be stubborn

package samples 20
Meaning: challenges to overcome

suits or dresses 15
Translation of the dream: money or commissions stolen

dresses dead 73
Interpretation: sad omen for future days

man who dresses 81
Sense of the dream: new initiatives

dresses as a woman 21
What does it mean: ambitious initiatives

short dresses 3
Meaning of the dream: dynamism and health

buy dresses 84
Description: desire for freedom

wear dresses 9
Interpretation of the dream: melancholia

line dresses 8
Translation: dream difficult to realize

flap dresses 88
Dream description: serious risks

dress 14
Meaning: you underestimate

dressing with care 88
Translation of the dream: help to be given

dress with neglect 89
Interpretation: enmity won

dress up as a bride 61
Sense of the dream: displeasure

dress costumes 55
What does it mean: falsehood

buttoning the dress 18
Meaning of the dream: imprudence

buttoning up the dress of a woman 16
Description: end in sight

dress or suit 35
Interpretation of the dream: protection, safety

colorful dress 60
Translation: realizations

white dress 20
Dream description: joys and desires

black dress 73
Meaning: sorrows

red dress 48
Translation of the dream: security

wedding dress or bridal dress 80
Interpretation: flattery

child's dress 3
Sense of the dream: impromptu

dress as a priest 22
What does it mean: suspects

a nun dress 89
Meaning of the dream: bad innuendo

mourning dress 73
Description: unjust accusations

carnival dress 8
Interpretation of the dream: falsehood

dress hunter 1
Translation: New appointments

Military dress 72
Dream description: talk in the family

gorgeous dress 80
Meaning: bullying suffered

ragged dress 17
Translation of the dream: bad reputation

sew a dress 31
Interpretation: suspects

wash a dress 42
Sense of the dream: success

change the dress 61
What does it mean: culmination of dreams

sell dress 85
Meaning of the dream: intolerance

give a dress 4
Description: clarity of ideas

throw a dress 44
Interpretation of the dream: danger

fall asleep dressed 49
Translation: passion paid

rent a dress 1
Dream description: protection granted

rent a wedding dress 5
Meaning: small losses

adjust a dress 73
Translation of the dream: discovery of enmity

lace dress 18
Interpretation: imprudence

enlarge a dress 38
Sense of the dream: realism in speech

note down an address 39
What does it mean: great activities