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Liquid floor room poop. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream Liquid floor room poop. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

poop 53
Meaning of the dream: money

liquid tar 68
Description: listlessness and mistrust

liquid honey 82
Interpretation of the dream: economic benefits

wax liquid 27
Translation: righteousness and loyalty

liquid lead 4
Dream description: changing situation

paint a floor 33
Meaning: arrival of a loved one

liquid 52
Translation of the dream: dangerous neglect

liquid chocolate 87
Interpretation: Hidden Dangers

liquid rubber 77
Sense of the dream: good friends

leakage of liquid 31
What does it mean: You have problems that strives to solve

burning with a hot liquid 34
Meaning of the dream: freedom from envy

polished floor 9
Description: Pending pleasant

liquid food 18
Interpretation of the dream: perspicacity in business

adapt a floor 2
Translation: loss of security

floor wax 81
Dream description: precipitate action

eviction from a room 80
Meaning: overspending

floor dismantling 73
Translation of the dream: anxieties and fears

bricked floor 73
Interpretation: you have to convince stubborn people

brick floor 66
Sense of the dream: character influenced

damaging a floor 1
What does it mean: small annoyances

ground floor 8
Meaning of the dream: alternative of joys and sorrows

star that shines in the room 44
Description: danger of death for the head of the family

room or bedroom 43
Interpretation of the dream: desire for independence

small room 80
Translation: sense of responsibility

rented room 51
Dream description: change of program

hostel room 20
Meaning: small misunderstandings with friends

wooden floor 77
Translation of the dream: sympathy reciprocated

light up a room 66
Interpretation: tension and anxiety

floor terrace 80
Sense of the dream: tumultuous relationship

liven up a room 83
What does it mean: adventurous spirit

vacate a room 76
Meaning of the dream: your character improved

room 87
Description: work and love

uneven floor 30
Interpretation of the dream: return of money

room deck with flags 38
Translation: affirmation hampered

floor 57
Dream description: poverty and sadness

Riviera that comes out of the room 64
Meaning: danger to life

tidy the room 15
Translation of the dream: You have regrets of the past

wet room 19
Interpretation: injustice punished

Riviera that enters the room 30
Sense of the dream: violence, lawsuit, damages

furnish the room 4
What does it mean: declared enmity

furnished room 23
Meaning of the dream: enmities

bedtime Room 36
Description: introverted nature

dirty room 11
Interpretation of the dream: mortifications unjust

big room 64
Translation: statement in family

luxury room 74
Dream description: sad omen

exit room 23
Meaning: money lost

access to a room 51
Translation of the dream: easy conquest

clear out a room 41
Interpretation: pleasant meeting

enter room 30
Sense of the dream: narrow escape

papering a room 80
What does it mean: health and vitality

stain on the floor 28
Meaning of the dream: envious chatter

decorate a room 90
Description: good intentions

clean the floor 15
Interpretation of the dream: situation calm

illuminated room 30
Translation: momentary embarrassment

dirty floor 73
Dream description: recovery of a sum