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Jesus who gives me gold. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream Jesus who gives me gold. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

blaspheming jesus 90
Meaning of the dream: takes extra money

jesus passion 71
Description: agitation and anxiety

jesus in Figure 63
Interpretation of the dream: sense of security

worship jesus 48
Translation: protections

baby Jesus 25
Dream description: violent passion

Jesus Christ 33
Meaning: the dreamer will have a prosperous future

shroud of Jesus 1
Translation of the dream: mystification of events

Nativity of Jesus 25
Interpretation: exuberance

listen jesus christ 8
Sense of the dream: consolation

see jesus christ 5
What does it mean: you'll have plenty wellbeing

talk to jesus christ 32
Meaning of the dream: hopes and consolations

see the gold 45
Description: sadness and melancholy

burnish gold 25
Interpretation of the dream: rebellions unnecessary

give gold 62
Translation: family concerns

get gold 66
Dream description: impediments and delays

seize gold 86
Meaning: intellectual relations

work in gold 49
Translation of the dream: avarice

Weigh Gold 15
Interpretation: fanciful dreams

find gold 28
Sense of the dream: immediate realization

look for gold 19
What does it mean: futile illusions

hide gold 19
Meaning of the dream: you do not feel sure of yourself

lose gold 54
Description: professional life positive

gold snuff 51
Interpretation of the dream: need to economize

dig gold 67
Translation: satisfaction

wizard that gives numbers 75
Dream description: someone is deceiving

beat the gold 47
Meaning: artificial attitudes

buy gold 50
Translation of the dream: bad news

chiselling gold 14
Interpretation: Progress slow but sure

melt gold 59
Sense of the dream: sadness and malaise

engage gold 29
What does it mean: business that are fixed

fake gold 53
Meaning of the dream: welfare

placed Gold 27
Description: important projects

raw gold 46
Interpretation of the dream: uncertain events

sale of gold 22
Translation: initiatives to be put off

coveting gold 31
Dream description: waivers to do

topaz tied in gold 81
Meaning: aggressiveness

tape on the gold 82
Translation of the dream: decisions, courage

spur gold 51
Interpretation: great ambition

swimming in gold 35
Sense of the dream: waiting and uncertainty

tram driver that gives tickets 84
What does it mean: new emotional ties

nurse who gives medicines 18
Meaning of the dream: accommodation business

impact on gold 15
Description: He dreamed by a young terror panic personal danger. He dreamed of an old languor and misery

old gold 77
Interpretation of the dream: restlessness bad business

wrought gold 90
Translation: contention for interest

weld gold 4
Dream description: sick passenger

gold pen 61
Meaning: satisfaction from their children

pouring gold 89
Translation of the dream: new gains

stealing gold 11
Interpretation: fruitless efforts

counting gold 2
Sense of the dream: recognized merit

diamond set in gold 45
What does it mean: requited love

glasses mounted in gold 12
Meaning of the dream: malicious gossip

gold 62
Description: Danger averted