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Jesuit. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Jesuit. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Jesuit 29
Meaning of the dream: a visit welcome awaits you, great honor and favor

Jesuit ill 27
Description: leadership ability

Jesuit refectory 58
Interpretation of the dream: fortune

Jesuit strolling 45
Translation: changing mood

Jesuit who studied 20
Dream description: pulses to curb

Jesuit who teaches 65
Meaning: family quarrels

Jesuit who confesses 56
Translation of the dream: bad speculations

Jesuit who preaches 2
Interpretation: appearance

Jesuit monastery 30
Sense of the dream: short illness

Jesuit priest who says Mass 53
What does it mean: crime

Jesuit in procession 7
Meaning of the dream: quarrels at work

Jesuit in penance 36
Description: interests thwarted

Jesuit plays 31
Interpretation of the dream: deceitful flattery

hypocritical 6
Translation: a false friend deceives

resurrected 52
Dream description: possibility to expand friendships

dupe 68
Meaning: loquacity that you will bring trouble

underdog 11
Translation of the dream: pay attention to business

little person 80
Interpretation: you are recovering some situation that was out of control

clairvoyant 26
Sense of the dream: torments unfounded

defeatist 88
What does it mean: you ll go a lot better in your next business

mixer 76
Meaning of the dream: you have talent to be expressed for new things

jinx 43
Description: reasonable decision

confessor 9
Interpretation of the dream: departure of a loved one

kleptomaniac 71
Translation: inner disturbances

nominator 38
Dream description: lies

repatriate 27
Meaning: industriousness active

conformist 70
Translation of the dream: bad encounter

envious person 25
Interpretation: someone wants to hinder

telegraphist 54
Sense of the dream: useful meetings

lazy person 37
What does it mean: are you going to do not hassle you at work

a guilty man 44
Meaning of the dream: strange situations

person 11
Description: desire to bring out our personalities

greedy person 40
Interpretation of the dream: watch out for enemies

armed man 46
Translation: pulse control

dyslexic person 18
Dream description: you're trying to do something that unwillingly

unlucky person 36
Meaning: you have many obstacles to overcome

mischievous person 82
Translation of the dream: wickedness and rebellion of acquaintance

caryatid 90
Interpretation: broadmindedness

mulatto 22
Sense of the dream: glory and happiness

albino 40
What does it mean: you need to be more tolerant

Original Man 11
Meaning of the dream: moodiness

hypnotized person 59
Description: small fears

petty person 42
Interpretation of the dream: you believe there are people far affectively

person available 68
Translation: you need a lot of help at this time

clumsy person 54
Dream description: insecurities

neophyte 81
Meaning: spirit of justice

protege 37
Translation of the dream: try to be more balanced

postillion 6
Interpretation: soon you ll get like new

exchange person 17
Sense of the dream: feelings uncertain

person furs 66
What does it mean: fear of not being able to deal with some situations

conspiratorial person 45
Meaning of the dream: fear in love