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Find out what it means to dream Italian school book. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Italian 59
Meaning of the dream: unexpected benefit

Italian encyclopedia 34
Description: affective inconstancy

Italian fleet 81
Interpretation of the dream: reorientation affective

Italian lottery 18
Translation: small risk with a lot of luck

Italian language 59
Dream description: you re comfortable

Italian person 3
Meaning: equal footing

translated into Italian 10
Translation of the dream: efforts to be made

Italian troops 60
Interpretation: friendly meetings

Currency Italian 19
Sense of the dream: discord with friends

Italian vocabulary 12
What does it mean: conclusions expectations

Italian resident 7
Meaning of the dream: successful outcome of negotiations

Italian flag 61
Description: health

Italian bible 65
Interpretation of the dream: you're trying to approach the spiritual world

Italian forest 27
Translation: setbacks and obstacles

Italian song 18
Dream description: do not be distracted by issues of little consequence

Italian hat 50
Meaning: happiness in marriage

Italian ceramics 48
Translation of the dream: unwelcome complications

Italian comedy 2
Interpretation: good professional reputation

Italian grammar 59
Sense of the dream: considerable losses

teach Italian 59
What does it mean: success happy and great satisfaction

meet Italian 5
Meaning of the dream: see the ends meet

Italian manufacture 10
Description: pitfall and disease

Italian origin 80
Interpretation of the dream: that problem is solved

Professor of Italian 45
Translation: wasted effort

the Italian typeface 15
Dream description: some people do not trust friends

Italian lesson 43
Meaning: period of great vitality

Typical Italian cake with custard cream filling 5
Translation of the dream: repair to give

book 7
Interpretation: News coming soon

Book hallucinating 8
Sense of the dream: inconstancy in action

ancient book 86
What does it mean: ignore provocations

open a book 64
Meaning of the dream: purchase of favors

copy from a book 44
Description: tactical change

dedicate a book 18
Interpretation of the dream: shyness exaggerated

deteriorate a book 32
Translation: curiosity harmful

phone book 56
Dream description: hasty conclusions

buy a book 32
Meaning: disinterested advice

pay book 15
Translation of the dream: sentimental disappointment

hardcover book 50
Interpretation: intimate joys

Book broken 82
Sense of the dream: errors of judgment

picture book 33
What does it mean: shock and disappointment

book of accounts 66
Meaning of the dream: dangerous hazards

obscene book 63
Description: little security

book page 73
Interpretation of the dream: quiet days

book of memories 35
Translation: lack of confidence in their abilities

recollect a book 12
Dream description: drastic decisions

rare book 40
Meaning: sensitivity and intelligence

make a book 50
Translation of the dream: ups and downs of mood

restore a book 22
Interpretation: serenity of mind