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I was a doctor. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream I was a doctor. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

away from the doctor 25
Meaning of the dream: unnecessary controversy

doctor 12
Description: satisfaction and fulfillment

Doctor old 4
Interpretation of the dream: opposition passing

be a doctor 55
Translation: good omen

go to the doctor 53
Dream description: good health

Take a bite with your doctor 12
Meaning: good health

say goodbye to the doctor 25
Translation of the dream: unhappy passion

sick to your doctor 13
Interpretation: danger of leakage

antechamber of doctor 12
Sense of the dream: sadness avoided

coat doctor 13
What does it mean: confused

call the doctor 35
Meaning of the dream: end of hostilities

consult your doctor 14
Description: lack of confidence

disobey the doctor 52
Interpretation of the dream: practical achievements

young doctor 76
Translation: important protection

doctor who writes 69
Dream description: good health

talk to the doctor 23
Meaning: trickery, imposture

honorary doctor 58
Translation of the dream: physical fatigue

response of the doctor 3
Interpretation: fortitude

choosing a doctor 6
Sense of the dream: desire for freedom

obey the doctor 34
What does it mean: possibility of surprises

assistant doctor 74
Meaning of the dream: It will be deceived by unscrupulous

trusting the doctor 60

child's doctor 51
Interpretation of the dream: fear of a possible disease

Doctor's mask 65

prescribing doctor 6

practitioner doctor 36

doctor round 59

doctor in philosophy 16

doctor in the chair 6

doctor in hospital 44
What does it mean: discomfort to solve

Doctor visiting a sick 63
Meaning of the dream: fruitful achievements

bring the X-ray doctor 20
Description: will and decision

strip naked to the doctor 29

wash a dress 42
Translation: success

wasp sting 52
Dream description: unnecessary troubles

wash towel 33
Meaning: negative emotions

washing of clothes 79
Translation of the dream: insecurity

Construction waste transport 81
Interpretation: support to be given to an elderly

Construction waste in bags 34
Sense of the dream: ill health

wash your shirt 58
What does it mean: crushes

wash your hair 71
Meaning of the dream: victory over enemies

cart with waste 1
Description: economic prosperity

wastepaper 14
Interpretation of the dream: discontent passengers

bag of waste 71
Translation: unexpected events

wash in a basin 77
Dream description: wrong views

wash rags 71
Meaning: family concerns

Wash the chicory 25
Translation of the dream: Good support

wash your neck 86
Interpretation: good health

conference of doctors 30
Sense of the dream: passion