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I dreamed of the husband of my sister. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream I dreamed of the husband of my sister. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

see demons (dreamed sick) 33
Meaning of the dream: aid

see demons (dreamed by healthy) 33
Description: diseases

wounded (dreamed by a powerful) 44
Interpretation of the dream: danger to your person

Leprosy (dreamed Women) 6
Translation: relatives standardized or liberals from which it will portray the great advantages

Palm (dreamed Women) 11
Dream description: will have children

gallantry (dreamed by married woman) 7
Meaning: inconstancy

give birth (dreamed by man) 1
Translation of the dream: gain, wealth and profit to be achieved before long time

sister 26
Interpretation: a person who loves will be of great help

see his sister 7
Sense of the dream: mentality practice

younger sister 28
What does it mean: disagreement with her mother

older sister 30
Meaning of the dream: pride and courage

sister alive 78
Description: willingness stubborn

dead sister 27
Interpretation of the dream: Good news and novelties

sister married 13
Translation: actions inconsistent

widowed sister 58
Dream description: supports secrets

sister of milk 23
Meaning: new friends

Sister of Charity 20
Translation of the dream: astuteness

abandoned by her sister 33

stroking her sister 21

sister drowned 23

nursing sister 43

altercation with sister 27

caress her sister 4

insult sister 78

loving sister 15

arrest of sister 72

arrival of sister 6

resemble sister 23

imprison her sister 90
Sense of the dream: sorrows and worries

call her sister 81

confide to his sister 8

heir sister 40

marry his sister 11

Brother and sister of charity 20
Translation: craftiness

husband 27
Dream description: profit

get away from her husband 78

please her husband 45

duped her husband 72
Interpretation: slander

fondle her husband 33
Sense of the dream: Safety in love

accusing her husband 24
What does it mean: haughtiness

wrangle with her husband 27
Meaning of the dream: perseverance in love

dinner with her husband 46
Description: threads to avoid

call her husband 19
Interpretation of the dream: lasting impressions

condescension towards her husband 77
Translation: unhappy love

confide in her husband 36
Dream description: ability to adapt

counsel with the husband 9
Meaning: private life difficult

console the husband 21
Translation of the dream: projects that fade

conversing with her husband 53
Interpretation: conciliatory character

her husband cruel 32
Sense of the dream: tranquility and profits

defame her husband 18
What does it mean: knowledge ambiguous

trust husband 65
Meaning of the dream: Intent achieved

justified by her husband 49
Description: disappointing experiences