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Half bomb. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Half bomb. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

bomb falling 60
Meaning of the dream: sense of measure

bomb explodes 66
Description: lively conversations

bomb plane 73
Interpretation of the dream: confidence in their own possibilities

bomb kills 90
Translation: good future

artificial bomb 53
Dream description: enmities hidden

bomb in Cannon 29
Meaning: aid to encourage

bomb to air 35
Translation of the dream: infirmity

Bomb with clock 45
Interpretation: serious damage

unexploded bomb 25
Sense of the dream: aid to young people

atomic bomb 56
What does it mean: aspiration to command

Paper bomb 90
Meaning of the dream: misfortune

throw the bomb 81
Description: hopes ill-founded

mafia bomb 45
Interpretation of the dream: period of stalemate in the work

plastic bomb 8
Translation: new love

gas bomb 68
Dream description: slight indisposition

uranium bomb 10
Meaning: You suffer a loss

plutonium bomb 48
Translation of the dream: contrasts with relatives

tool bomb 87
Interpretation: you will begin an arduous

build the bomb 21
Sense of the dream: impediments to relatives

find the bomb 73
What does it mean: rash judgments

tear gas bomb 18
Meaning of the dream: need for prudence in writing

Defuse the bomb 56
Description: aid to encourage

bomb 48
Interpretation of the dream: cancellation

Bomb the wall 76
Translation: obstacles to be faced

half moon 6
Dream description: big loss

half-close 21
Meaning: experience fun

bomb a ship 57
Translation of the dream: resentful damage

half carcass 78
Interpretation: still believe that there are economic problems

halve 70
Sense of the dream: goodness of heart

fire pump 28
What does it mean: test of loyalty

automatic pump 36
Meaning of the dream: intimate joys

suction pump 75
Description: sick passenger

half open umbrellas 5
Interpretation of the dream: period of sadness

operate the pump 46
Translation: cycle lucky

bomb a port 72
Dream description: very intense and strong relationship with a new acquaintance

bomb a village 82
Meaning: waste of money

bomb a hospital 64
Translation of the dream: novelty

bomb a fortress 10
Interpretation: easy disappointments

bomb a church 56
Sense of the dream: inner conflicts

bomber bombing 35
What does it mean: hassles passengers

grenade 19
Meaning of the dream: gifts received

halfclosed gate 58
Description: you have to clarify some things with friends

halfburied corpse 79
Interpretation of the dream: situation is not definitively resolved

pineapple cut in half 21
Translation: vain confidence in the groom or the bride

breast pump 36
Dream description: abundance

car bomb 77
Meaning: victory over enemies

burst of bombs 31
Translation of the dream: insightful

bombard 71
Interpretation: cancellation

halfempty shop 11
Sense of the dream: period of sadness

bombing near 45
What does it mean: hidden possibilities of success

smoke bombs 76
Meaning of the dream: period of confusion

bombing away 31
Description: astuteness in business

bombing on the railway station 60
Interpretation of the dream: affirmation of one's originality

crescent extra 33
Translation: the loss of their property

halfnaked 29
Dream description: unexpected encounters