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Guitar expensive. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Guitar expensive. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

old guitar 86
Meaning of the dream: ambitious projects

French guitar 36
Description: waste of energy

guitar out of tune 16
Interpretation of the dream: benefits passengers

guitar with 5 strings 16
Translation: confusing situation

broken guitar 61
Dream description: impossible desires

guitar 11
Meaning: desire to confide but fear of not finding understanding

guitar with four strings 25
Translation of the dream: complex situation

guitar with three strings 21
Interpretation: harmonious relationship with spouse

buy guitar 46
Sense of the dream: compromises wishlist

playing the guitar 58
What does it mean: inconstancy and lightness

selling guitar 17
Meaning of the dream: difficult task

electric guitar 5
Description: listen to the advice of friends

string guitar 44
Interpretation of the dream: new turnover

expensive affection 90
Translation: tranquility of mind

Guitar teacher 62
Dream description: good luck

hear him play guitar 38
Meaning: deceit uncovered

tune a guitar 11
Translation of the dream: new projects

expensive coat 46
Interpretation: reconciliation of love

67 - Smorfia classic: squid in the guitar 67

expensive brilliant 77
What does it mean: astuteness in business

expensive gift 8
Meaning of the dream: enabling environment

dearly 52
Description: discussions and pains

guitar player 71
Interpretation of the dream: extravagant thoughts

dear lawyer 90
Translation: serious responsibility

high cost of living 15
Dream description: You are able to get out of an economically complicated situation

coat cheap 7
Meaning: obedience, passion, idleness

pay too much 58
Translation of the dream: waste of money

kill a loved one 39
Interpretation: you are very stressed out

death of loved one 16
Sense of the dream: Love finished

lying to loved one 87
What does it mean: contrasts surmountable

Harmonic offer cheap 70
Meaning of the dream: hope of gains

think of a loved one 78
Description: concerns

fatigue for a loved one 22
Interpretation of the dream: suspects in love

rough out 62
Translation: willingness constructive

approach the window 34
Dream description: little annoyances

approach the sidewalk 39
Meaning: good profits

approach a person of high rank 27
Translation of the dream: honors

approach a snake 66
Interpretation: fulfillment in love

hang a watercolor 58
Sense of the dream: advice given in bad faith

buy auction 16
What does it mean: fickle opinions

adapt a floor 2
Meaning of the dream: loss of security

look out to the balcony 51
Description: avarice

look out over the river 81
Interpretation of the dream: secret pain

slice sweet 76
Translation: good business

approach a woman 74
Dream description: Profits in business

I face with stick 81
Meaning: thwarted love

tax agent 44
Translation of the dream: injustice done

tie your shoes 70
Interpretation: improvised relatives

attach stamps 24
Sense of the dream: satisfactions by young people

hidden speaker 17
What does it mean: important change

Walking a player 55
Meaning of the dream: prosperity achieved

walking a circus 77
Description: momentary joys

touch sick 16
Interpretation of the dream: serenity disturbed