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Guitar expensive. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Guitar expensive. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

expensive gift 8
Meaning of the dream: enabling environment

expensive brilliant 77

expensive affection 90

expensive coat 46

guitar 11
Dream description: desire to confide but fear of not finding understanding

old guitar 86
Meaning: ambitious projects

playing the guitar 58
Translation of the dream: inconstancy and lightness

buy guitar 46
Interpretation: compromises wishlist

selling guitar 17
Sense of the dream: difficult task

broken guitar 61
What does it mean: impossible desires

guitar out of tune 16
Meaning of the dream: benefits passengers

guitar player 71
Description: extravagant thoughts

tune a guitar 11

guitar with three strings 21

guitar with four strings 25

guitar with 5 strings 16

electric guitar 5

French guitar 36

string guitar 44

Guitar teacher 62

hear him play guitar 38
Meaning of the dream: deceit uncovered

67 - Smorfia classic: squid in the guitar 67

list of expenses 58
Interpretation of the dream: imprudence

reduced expenses 34
Translation: experience helpful

indemnify expenses 30
Dream description: news that delay

incur expenses 22
Meaning: commitments to return

lighten expenses 76

expensed 31