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Greek grammar. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Greek grammar. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

grammar 41
Meaning of the dream: much work awaits

French grammar 54
Description: deep crisis

foreign grammar 80
Interpretation of the dream: thoughtless actions

German grammar 38
Translation: need for reflection

Spanish grammar 16
Dream description: contentment and prosperity

Russian grammar 36
Meaning: neglect harmful

Italian grammar 59
Translation of the dream: considerable losses

Latin grammar 49
Interpretation: great happiness

English grammar 22
Sense of the dream: fun and good news

Greek church 75
What does it mean: ambitions fulfilled

Greek architecture 45
Meaning of the dream: Guilt

Greek amphora 34
Description: greed for pleasures

the greek version 15
Interpretation of the dream: short shift

Greek pitch 80
Translation: satisfactions from work

greek alphabet 86
Dream description: insights incorrect

translate into greek 15
Meaning: pleasant trip

grammar rule 12
Translation of the dream: Understanding emotional

book greek 53
Interpretation: you are responsible for many people

of greek print 76
Sense of the dream: Excellent reports

greek 71
What does it mean: you will be deceived

Greek Furies or Harpies 8
Meaning of the dream: tribulations aroused envy by a deadly hatred

teach greek 55
Description: goods thwarted

greek vocabulary 88
Interpretation of the dream: pleasant novelty

learn greek 45
Translation: insightful

nominative 76
Dream description: well you defend yourself

Swedish 48
Meaning: prostration passing

Persian 38
Translation of the dream: hardships

greekRoman wrestling 54
Interpretation: agitation and insomnia

human language 46
Sense of the dream: afraid to talk

salty language 90
What does it mean: program to change

repair speaker 43
Meaning of the dream: capacity of decision

bilingual 68
Description: work sterile

Serbian language 61
Interpretation of the dream: there is a concern

burns language 1
Translation: lack of self-control

provincial language 89
Dream description: new friendships and acquaintances

Aramaic language 15
Meaning: you have some fear deep in the unconscious

install speaker 6
Translation of the dream: good resolutions

burned language 11
Interpretation: moral resistance

Turkish 25
Sense of the dream: placing another s whim

the cooked language 45
What does it mean: reconciliation with relatives

Italian language 59
Meaning of the dream: you re comfortable

English drunk 82
Description: waste of money

graduate in philology 24
Interpretation of the dream: hidden enemies

English in hotel 85
Translation: infirmity

agree 4
Dream description: Fortunately threatened

agree to a trip 81
Meaning: financial settlement

Citrus in greenhouse 81
Translation of the dream: faithful love

green tree 49
Interpretation: enthusiasms durable

plateau green 40
Sense of the dream: positive experiences

agreement 11
What does it mean: harmony in everything

heap green leaves 74
Meaning of the dream: attention to the evil enemies

make or receive greetings 56
Description: confidence

green campaign 80
Interpretation of the dream: clear thoughts

wax green 76
Translation: prodigality eccentric

Greenhouse cyclamen 58
Dream description: stagnation in business

Colonel who greets 15
Meaning: frantic activity