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Grand sultan carriage. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Grand Sultan carriage. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Grand Sultan carriage 70

Grand Sultan died 58

Grand Sultan to bed 5

Grand Sultan eating 8

great sultan who travels 46

large drunken Sultan 21

great sultan who smokes 59

great sultan's harem 42

much ill Sultan 67

sultan 82
What does it mean: you have bad advisers

favorite of Sultan 64

mercy carriage 29

Queen carriage 20
Interpretation of the dream: desire of magnitude

Cardinal carriage 56

King carriage 22
Dream description: willingness decided

Princess carriage 50

Turn carriage 62

Grand Duke 5

Harlequin carriage 56

quack carriage 22

carriage rudder 58
Meaning of the dream: major change

papal carriage 57

sidewalk carriage 65

fender carriage 14
Translation: mortification unjust

courier carriage 55

elegant carriage 88

rim of carriage 2

body of the carriage 2

woman in a carriage 24

pillow from carriage 50

carriage on the run 50

side of the carriage 82

get on a carriage 81
Interpretation of the dream: success of opponents

out carriage 48
Translation: freedom of decision

carriage overturned 70

coachman opening the carriage 48
Meaning: Fortunately social

carriage rented 5

belt carriage 36
Interpretation: gains with work

overturning of a carriage 3
Sense of the dream: anxious temperament

carriage with a horse 23
What does it mean: dignity and success

big Love 25

great palace 8

man in a carriage 74
Interpretation of the dream: exceptional strength

carriage with Ambassador 31

carriage with children 9

carriage with men 81

grand piano 75
Translation of the dream: pride and ambition

horse with carriage 9

thrown from the carriage 1

walk in carriage 67

empty carriage or cart 13
Meaning of the dream: preconceptions to overcome

down from a carriage 18
Description: waste of money

hound large 12
Interpretation of the dream: emotional satisfaction

Grand Duke in uniform 40

carriage rides 35
Dream description: safe outcome of a deal

Great Theatre 90
Meaning: unrealizable desires

saloon carriage 9

horse harnessed to a carriage 23
Interpretation: contrasts with friends

Grand Duke in church 66

carriage with more horses 46
What does it mean: correctness constant

carriage with many horses 8

Grand Duke on horseback 11

Grand Duke at the theater 81

transit carriage 64
Translation: novelty from a letter

Grand Duke with women 79
Dream description: submission or lack of freedom

carriage with women 18

carriage with people 78
Translation of the dream: brilliant location

great grandmother or great-grandfather 52
Interpretation: Peace of mind

grand duchy 27

great ape 72
What does it mean: reckless actions

big bucket 84
Meaning of the dream: contrasts surmountable

large mirror 81
Description: changing character and quirky

great toy 44

large umbrella 5

big boat 47
Dream description: intransigence in love

large market 66

big lake 60
Translation of the dream: correspondence interesting