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God's gift. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream God's gift. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

receive the gift of a purse 22
Meaning of the dream: anger

appearance of god 84
Description: important moral conquests

honor God 32
Interpretation of the dream: fair play

convert to God 90
Translation: surprise

generous gift 38
Dream description: contrasts and bitterness

saint john of god 65
Meaning: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

see god 81
Translation of the dream: delight

implore God 16
Interpretation: serenity and joy

worship god 78
Sense of the dream: happy Days

God 90
What does it mean: good sign or good health

talk to god 40
Meaning of the dream: prosperity and well-being

give thanks to God 83
Description: rectitude of judgment

receiving the gift of daffodils 42
Interpretation of the dream: cheap accommodation

receiving the gift of a rose 30
Translation: sincere feelings

gift of money 65
Dream description: everything will be for the better

Gift of Perfume 51
Meaning: reactions rash

adore god 84
Translation of the dream: important events good

blaspheming god 78
Interpretation: too much account of themselves

love god 84
Sense of the dream: great moral energy

loving god 84
What does it mean: you feel satisfied

gift from a woman 52
Meaning of the dream: friendship

gift from a girl 6
Description: contrariness

faith in God 33
Interpretation of the dream: changing opinions

reject a gift 65
Translation: obstinacy

modest gift 82
Dream description: sincere affection

gift from a child 90
Meaning: tribulations

gift from a man 14
Translation of the dream: good view, happy

receive gems gift 37
Interpretation: unhappiness

receive vessels in gift 5
Sense of the dream: you will be loved

sylvan faun (god of the forest) 2
What does it mean: You will be presented with a unique opportunity to make a fortune

receive property as a gift 8
Meaning of the dream: marriage with the person whose appearance or quality will be agreeable in proportion of the wealth of the gift

receive doll as a gift 66
Description: consolations of old friends

pray to god 23
Interpretation of the dream: loss to the game

receive perfume as a gift 7
Translation: promises to keep

receive vase as a gift 5
Dream description: Understanding loving

gift 3
Meaning: reward

receive a pearl as a gift 17
Translation of the dream: financial difficulties

Gift silver 11
Interpretation: conduct changeable and inconstant

postpone a gift 1
Sense of the dream: haughtiness

deserved gift 66
What does it mean: good luck

unwrapping a gift 72
Meaning of the dream: deceptive illusion

expensive gift 8
Description: enabling environment

unexpected gift 90
Interpretation of the dream: gift required

Gift books 10
Translation: fighting spirit

reciprocate a gift 10
Dream description: sudden change

offer a gift 73
Meaning: careless actions

receive a gift 31
Translation of the dream: delight

make a gift 16
Interpretation: precipitous actions

Send a gift 7
Sense of the dream: tormenting suspicions

buy a gift 40
What does it mean: momentary discouragement

gift albums 76
Meaning of the dream: you're too unselfish with who does not deserve