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Glass broken computer. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Glass broken computer. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

computer 45
Meaning of the dream: tries to be more expansive

buy a computer 81
Description: if you rise to the occasion

buy or see a computer 50
Interpretation of the dream: exceeded

buy and use a computer 16
Translation: You think that everything has to be at your disposal

broken glass 5
Dream description: danger of infection

broken crystal 8
Meaning: squabbles interest

broken padlock 31
Translation of the dream: happy solution

glass inkwell 90
Interpretation: dispersive activities

broken mannequin 85
Sense of the dream: continuous renewal

saltshaker glass 55
What does it mean: verbosity and gossip

broken knife 13
Meaning of the dream: trends to be monitored

glass button 84
Description: prodigality eccentric

glass shard 27
Interpretation of the dream: good buys

glass jar 11
Translation: exaggerated enthusiasm

Glass Handle 34
Dream description: you're underestimating yourself

broken latch 8
Meaning: loss of friendships

computer technology 50
Translation of the dream: period of many concerns

glass innerliner 21
Interpretation: doubts and anxieties

shed broken 20
Sense of the dream: luck in marriage

broken umbrella 34
What does it mean: imbalance nervous

broken handkerchief 9
Meaning of the dream: support from relatives

broken gramophone 71
Description: falsehood

broken hammer 56
Interpretation of the dream: happy marriage

broken circle 66
Translation: vitality and health

broken hairdryer 6
Dream description: You are able to resolve a difficult situation

blown glass 17
Meaning: change to design

broken bag 88
Translation of the dream: contempt of danger

broken pinky 63
Interpretation: untapped possibilities

cracked glass 15
Sense of the dream: dangerous head shots

broken finger 8
What does it mean: use your potentials so dangerous

broken rifle 64
Meaning of the dream: business proposals

colored glass 44
Description: great imagination

glass tarnishing 18
Interpretation of the dream: prosperity in your business

glass carafe 77
Translation: pulse control

break a glass 81
Dream description: danger of scams

broken box 71
Meaning: wrong impressions

glass gold 90
Translation of the dream: rapid collapse of illusions

glass funnel 68
Interpretation: volatility harmful

glass pitcher 75
Sense of the dream: little understanding

broken cannon 16
What does it mean: little ailments

broken bow 42
Meaning of the dream: exploitation by friends

glass stopper 32
Description: nervousness and impulsiveness

casting glass 51
Interpretation of the dream: interesting discoveries

Murano glass 44
Translation: opportunities curtailed

broken lift 33
Dream description: durable stability

broken seal 59
Meaning: loss of

glass with handle 17
Translation of the dream: danger of deceit

glass or glasses 44
Interpretation: honesty transparency

broken refrigerator 88
Sense of the dream: hard problems

glass vessel 40
What does it mean: difficult relationship

crystal glass 44
Meaning of the dream: dislikes unjustified

glass with oil 76
Description: conflicts with the environment

glass with spirit 27
Interpretation of the dream: successful combination

threaten with glass 54
Translation: temporary obstruction

broken button 54
Dream description: window of opportunity

broken donut 3
Meaning: minor setbacks

broken streetlight 37
Translation of the dream: imagination and fantasy

broken fan 60
Interpretation: unpleasant criticism

broken plow 27
Sense of the dream: betrayal of friends