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Gay save a drowning. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Gay save a drowning. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

save from drowning 47
Meaning of the dream: courage and humanity

gay 86
Description: vitality

to be a homosexual (gay) 42
Interpretation of the dream: you feel repressed

see a homosexual (gay) 33
Translation: Your judgments are reckless

pity gay 66
Dream description: strong division

take a fancy gay 43
Meaning: risky business to avoid

fall in love with gay 77
Translation of the dream: you have doubts about the choice of your partner

drowning in the well 33
Interpretation: bad action from relatives

drowning in the bath 44
Sense of the dream: dissensions double

drowning in the sewer 50
What does it mean: happiness without contrasts

drowning animals 19
Meaning of the dream: extravagant actions

drowning of a woman 36
Description: We're anxiously waiting for some event

drowning man 65
Interpretation of the dream: physical recovery

wetting drowning 5
Translation: trouble by intrigue

save 67
Dream description: you have many resources

save the flag 14
Meaning: arrival of a decisive help

save around the trees 49
Translation of the dream: fake friends

swim to save someone 87
Interpretation: obstacles overcome

save the sinking 12
Sense of the dream: good omen

save a girl 2
What does it mean: issues to be clarified

save money 5
Meaning of the dream: economic concerns

save time 65
Description: shrewdness and cunning

save effort 15
Interpretation of the dream: very delicate health

save your strength 26
Translation: imprudence dangerous

save a son 18
Dream description: brisk business

save a friend 81
Meaning: economic benefits

save a man 60
Translation of the dream: enjoyable event

save a woman 14
Interpretation: deserved success

save a child 34
Sense of the dream: sudden joy

save themselves from a fall 72
What does it mean: brilliant statement

save someone from the fire 13
Meaning of the dream: luck in business

save or be saved 10
Description: you have many resources

save a feline 75
Interpretation of the dream: you feel inadequate in some situation

drowned saved 31
Translation: tiring days

lifesaver cork 38
Dream description: change of situation

throw lifesaver other 18
Meaning: unhappy emotional bond

saved by fire 19
Translation of the dream: financial prosperity

saved from a fight 65
Interpretation: romances

be saved 25
Sense of the dream: a reward you will come to cost a lot