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French citizen. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream French citizen. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

mourning citizen 5
Meaning of the dream: Most security

French 4
Description: you re too indecisive in your business, in your resolutions

French cheese 25
Interpretation of the dream: symbol of motherhood

French hat 49
Translation: financial difficulties for bankruptcy

French vocabulary 21
Dream description: ambition fulfilled

French rooster 80
Meaning: sincere affection

French meet 63
Translation of the dream: dispute with family

learn French 69
Interpretation: unreachable desires

French tourist 8
Sense of the dream: dangerous temptations

translate in French 8
What does it mean: embarrassment of choice

French origin 76
Meaning of the dream: new knowledge

French guitar 36
Description: waste of energy

French coin 80
Interpretation of the dream: animosity useless

French lesson 69
Translation: instability in the work

French fleet 29
Dream description: slander

French song 87
Meaning: unnecessary fears

French kiss 15
Translation of the dream: Useful experiences

French comedy 51
Interpretation: unwillingness

French grammar 54
Sense of the dream: deep crisis

door window 18
What does it mean: new opportunities

French flag 58
Meaning of the dream: inner conquests

fellow citizen 8
Description: lively insight

the French version 8
Interpretation of the dream: choice to make

character of the French press 7
Translation: unpleasant news

French fries 15
Dream description: lack of understanding

civil glory 61
Meaning: inheritance

French cards 35
Translation of the dream: selfish concerns

civil right 67
Interpretation: departure of a loved one

civil governor 75
Sense of the dream: speak from the heart and not the mind

civil authorities 20
What does it mean: distrust of false friends

orphan civil 66
Meaning of the dream: revenge useless

civilian honor 74
Description: situation fairly quiet

civil jurisdiction 16
Interpretation of the dream: different things displeasing

civil certificate 74
Translation: momentary loss

civil calendar 89
Dream description: prudence with correspondence

civil ceremony 3
Meaning: promptness of reactions

burger in a bun 4
Translation of the dream: work stress

Swiss 8
Interpretation: faithfulness

inhabitant 90
Sense of the dream: tranquility of mind

Belgian national 15
What does it mean: many surprises in love

citizens have 52
Meaning of the dream: nice meeting

burgers in fast food 13
Description: Luckily for work

civilian plane 20
Interpretation of the dream: next advantages

civilian instructor 66
Translation: futile trip

civilian vehicle 54
Dream description: dangerous waste of money

civil function 82
Meaning: unreasonable antipathy

civil trial 64
Translation of the dream: confusion and restlessness

Civil witness 80
Interpretation: development of a deal

wear civilian clothes 8
Sense of the dream: peaceful state of mind

graduated civil 69
What does it mean: discouragement

civil dignity 8
Meaning of the dream: fake friends

Wrapping civil 24
Description: new possibilities in work

civil lawyer 81
Interpretation of the dream: naive thoughts

Civil speaker 26
Translation: new relationships

civil judgment 85
Dream description: Fortunately difficult to win

civil notary 27
Meaning: family concerns

Civil congregation 9
Translation of the dream: sudden trip