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Free surprise detainee. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Free surprise detainee. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

bad surprise 13
Meaning of the dream: sentimental melancholy

unwelcome surprise 67
Description: search for material pleasures

surprise 45
Interpretation of the dream: coherence in

receive surprise 26
Translation: danger of scams

make the surprise 27
Dream description: irrational behavior

gambling den surprise 72
Meaning: resistance to work

pleasant surprise 48
Translation of the dream: accentuated emotional egocentrism

surprise speeches 84
Interpretation: good business performance

deserter surprise a secret 50
Sense of the dream: news of an absent, sadness

prepare a surprise 74
What does it mean: critical moments

surprise lovers 14
Meaning of the dream: exciting experience

exclamation of surprise 89
Description: imagination and fantasy

dismayed by surprise 11
Interpretation of the dream: misunderstandings and disappointments

surprise ending 87
Translation: better health care

free use 76
Dream description: future plans

backwards to surprise 4
Meaning: little will to fight

free fattening 76
Translation of the dream: change of position

held in prison 47
Interpretation: insults to forget

surprised beautiful 10
Sense of the dream: parenthesis relaxing

detained 7
What does it mean: difficult relationships

free a feline 54
Meaning of the dream: primal desires

ridge free 10
Description: reflection and readiness

prisoner 7
Interpretation of the dream: difficult relationships

prisoner guilty 24
Translation: stormy period

free admission 17
Dream description: misunderstandings with relatives

freerange 87
Meaning: lack of passion in love

certificate of free status 1
Translation of the dream: momentary discouragement

receive a complimentary 56
Interpretation: backbiting colleagues

free wrestling 48
Sense of the dream: various ailments

man arrested 2
What does it mean: reconciliation with a friend

rebellious inmate 64
Meaning of the dream: novelty

inmate eating 27
Description: compromise solution

inmate sleeping 72
Interpretation of the dream: coldness and calculation

gift 3
Translation: reward

handcuffed prisoner 65
Dream description: threads to avoid

prisoner who escapes 60
Meaning: initiative compromised

capture an escaped prisoner 77
Translation of the dream: new jobs

free from pests 49
Interpretation: ailments passengers

free from a tie 51
Sense of the dream: eventful period

free from the enemies 66
What does it mean: insecurity and mistrust

be free of body organs 89
Meaning of the dream: loss of your most dear affection, your father, your mother or another

frank postcards 42
Description: actions thin

Official detained 61
Interpretation of the dream: moodiness

wonderment 18
Translation: poverty of spirit

driver arrested 53
Dream description: good luck

imprison 75
Meaning: disappointments in love

held under arrest 74
Translation of the dream: practical difficulties

wonder 7
Interpretation: wasted effort

freerange chicken 9
Sense of the dream: judgments serene

fee 47
What does it mean: laziness

selfless woman 4
Meaning of the dream: irritation harmful

selfless action 15
Description: sacrifices for relatives

arrested 7
Interpretation of the dream: feelings of guilt

woman upset 60
Translation: speculation wrong

selfless decision 78
Dream description: gain extra