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First communion granddaughter. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream First Communion granddaughter. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Easter communion 88
Meaning of the dream: excellent earnings

Communion 6
Description: security in business

communion of children 68
Interpretation of the dream: friends you can trust

Catholic communion 60
Translation: pleasant novelty

Communion in church 35
Dream description: skill and luck

communion of men 80
Meaning: agreement and peace in the family

communion of sisters 79
Translation of the dream: Failure of a deal

communion of women 70
Interpretation: unforeseen obstacles

Communion party 14
Sense of the dream: discovery of a secret of others

to take communion 12
What does it mean: favorable opportunities

communion of soldiers 57
Meaning of the dream: possibility of a trip

prepare for communion 21
Description: artistic sensitivity

veil for communion 13
Interpretation of the dream: personal success

Communion every day 50
Translation: right recognized

pay the first installment 82
Dream description: energy and enthusiasm

first plate 65
Meaning: changes in family

communicated to Easter 88
Translation of the dream: sadness passing

first-class carriage 90
Interpretation: agreements to be taken

lay the foundation stone 40
Sense of the dream: trouble with the law

states before 1
What does it mean: satisfaction

buy first fruits 16
Meaning of the dream: You can dispute

church fellowship 22
Description: bewilderment

Grand daughter 20
Interpretation of the dream: missteps

firstfruits 66
Translation: plenty of money

trial court 31
Dream description: Arrival friends

Chicory raw 19
Meaning: waivers necessary

first grandchild 77
Translation of the dream: need protection

qualified first 1
Interpretation: inconstancy reports

community of property 16
Sense of the dream: good omen for love

first mate 25
What does it mean: you are responsible for many people

want first fruits 80
Meaning of the dream: safe decisions

give first fruits 21
Description: moodiness

taste the first fruits 15
Interpretation of the dream: plenty of money

little girl on the swing 21
Translation: good omens

great granddaughter 35
Dream description: there are conflicts in the family to be solved

Confirmation of a little girl 6
Meaning: sense of responsibility

take the cake 3
Translation of the dream: shrewdness in business

only grandchild 6
Interpretation: unexpected proposal

sharpshooter 17
Sense of the dream: requited love

viaticum 33
What does it mean: high hopes

freshman 70
Meaning of the dream: great nervous tension

embers 20
Description: success gradual and slow but sure

receive the sacrament 51
Interpretation of the dream: time lucky

impart the sacrament 16
Translation: next joys

supremacy 4
Dream description: you worry

staple wool 26
Meaning: financial trouble

first name 18
Translation of the dream: you have forgotten your true self or your family roots

chop raw 11
Interpretation: susceptibility exaggerated

first flight 32
Sense of the dream: assiduity in work

fast train 83
What does it mean: financial prosperity

pluck raw 71
Meaning of the dream: limited views

penultimate 89
Description: discussions to issues of interest

Brother prior 44
Interpretation of the dream: self-confidence

fix beforehand 8
Translation: enthusiasm for new ideas