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Ferris wheel in motion. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream Ferris wheel in motion. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

pendulum in motion 55
Meaning of the dream: interesting novelty

locomotive in motion 77
Description: days relaxing

rotating wheel 65
Interpretation of the dream: Luckily the game

seismic movement 72
Translation: momentary embarrassment

perpetual motion 1
Dream description: make this dream means having to meet a lot of good deals for your budget accommodation

wheel 33
Meaning: next departure for an audacious

wrong move 66
Translation of the dream: lasting joy

social movement 56
Interpretation: idealism and eccentricity

moving 18
Sense of the dream: change of environment

the wheel rim 19
What does it mean: favorable change

move barbarians 7
Meaning of the dream: satisfaction by a young

mill wheel 31
Description: concerns and damage

wheel bushing 65
Interpretation of the dream: money refund

push the wheel 74
Translation: inner restlessness

grease a wheel 17
Dream description: waste of energy

deflate the wheel 43
Meaning: emotional shallowness

wheel of Fortune 90
Translation of the dream: inevitable change

turkey that makes the wheel 42
Interpretation: Reports unfair

Peacock making the wheel 32
Sense of the dream: great benefits

wheel of the sharpen objects 83
What does it mean: contrasts with friends

auto wheel 43
Meaning of the dream: opportunity for revenge

see scrap moving 70
Description: big disappointments

gear wheel 58
Interpretation of the dream: constructive efforts

wagon Wheel 5
Translation: troubles of wedlock

wheel car 60
Dream description: novelty for the job

radius of a wheel 18
Meaning: there is a good co-worker

see seafarer on a moving ship 33
Translation of the dream: your hope is booming

car broken wheel 21
Interpretation: embarrassments

moving fan 48
Sense of the dream: incriminating speeches

hamster playing with wheel 26
What does it mean: you are not able to make a decision

moving meeting 9
Meaning of the dream: change of environment

moving action 83
Description: stable relationships

hub wheel 4
Interpretation of the dream: to avoid friction

steering wheel dish 5
Translation: discouragement to overcome

wheel stops 30
Dream description: report harmful

spokes of a wheel 18
Meaning: animosity and courage

luck on his wheel 1
Translation of the dream: proximate danger

slow motion 50
Interpretation: bright ideas

views 28
Sense of the dream: divergences clarified

caravan moving 18
What does it mean: wasteful projects

Catherine wheel 41
Meaning of the dream: harbinger of doom

by grinding wheel 84
Description: unjust accusations

car steering wheel 6
Interpretation of the dream: you know you are not afraid to check

still water move 74
Translation: danger of accidents

not find the steering wheel 17
Dream description: moments of panic

hold the steering wheel in hand 60
Meaning: you have the situation under control

motorcycle race 16
Translation of the dream: unexpected help

move packages 50
Interpretation: you have too many responsibilities

garbage on the bandwagon 4
Sense of the dream: conflicts resolved

wheel drive 15
What does it mean: risk exceeded

howitzer on the bandwagon 79
Meaning of the dream: good success