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Favor double. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Favor double. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

be out of favor 47
Meaning of the dream: definitive realization

favor 3
Description: tribulations provoked by envy or by a deadly hatred

Ask a favor 36
Interpretation of the dream: heartbreak

reciprocate a favor 38
Translation: dangerous gamble

receive a favor 33
Dream description: excellent cooperation

signature of favor 81
Meaning: pride and courage

testify in favor 22
Translation of the dream: esteem higher

solicit a favor 29
Interpretation: good standing

Favor Baptism 22

Favor Confirmation 57

favor received 69

gain favor 11

sail with the wind in favor 65
Interpretation of the dream: You receive unexpected help

double 66
Translation: abundance

Two double 27
Dream description: increase your revenues

double up 64
Meaning: abundance

seeing double 6
Translation of the dream: shyness exaggerated

double talk 80
Interpretation: happiness with relatives

double dowry 6
Sense of the dream: cures and cares

double mattress 50
What does it mean: union firm

double pay 9
Meaning of the dream: in labor disputes

double the capital 5
Description: unwise decision

double a credit 30
Interpretation of the dream: difficult relationships

double a debt 35
Translation: momentary discomfort

double its staff 80
Dream description: successfully thwarted

a double pay 65
Meaning: reactions appropriate

double portion 64
Translation of the dream: slander

pay double 9
Interpretation: in labor disputes

double staircase 22
Sense of the dream: unexpected conclusion

double bed 60

alcove with double 71

study the double bass 42
Description: original ideas

double-barreled shotgun 39
Interpretation of the dream: struggles and difficulties

mail to a double game 50
Translation: affair secret

double violets out of season 42
Dream description: processes, loss of property and friends

unfavorable diagnosis 42
Meaning: protection from women

do a Favour 49
Translation of the dream: easy conquests

favorite 39
Interpretation: special joy

favorable response 30
Sense of the dream: unjustified anxiety

favorable vote 25
What does it mean: unexpected novelty

wedding favors 80

favoring a relative 68

favorite of King 78

favorite of Sultan 64

implore favors 52

favorable opportunity 12

doubling 75

favorable rescript 19