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Economic and legal. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Economic and Legal. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

economic kitchen 79
Meaning of the dream: sorrow and misery

economic collapse 90
Description: waste of money

economic embarrassment 5
Interpretation of the dream: mistrust and obstinacy

worsening economic 75

legal Affairs 27
Dream description: quarrels inevitable

legal response 76
Meaning: waste of time

legal office 17
Translation of the dream: heavy expenses

legal separation 40
Interpretation: you want to be independent

of legal proceedings 44

legal defender 35

of legal age 18

legal relationship 33

accept a legacy 53
Interpretation of the dream: sorrows

enrich for legacy 51
Translation: pleasant surprise

believe more beautiful with elegant looks 21
Dream description: threatening illness or loss of property

contesting a legacy 15
Meaning: inconvenience of short duration

elegant lady 49
Translation of the dream: emotion and passion

to delegate 12
Interpretation: emotional stability

delegate a parent 10
Sense of the dream: emotional stability

delegate spouse 31
What does it mean: knowledge harmful

delegate a son 80
Meaning of the dream: rancor and discord

delegate a friend 78
Description: substantial material benefits

delegate a relative 3
Interpretation of the dream: worrying physical fatigue

delegate a woman 18
Translation: sorrow and depression

elegant footwear 69
Dream description: honor from subordinates

treasurer (person of the economized) 38
Meaning: visit

elegance 18
Translation of the dream: clashes of views with relatives

Coffee illegal 11
Interpretation: six unfair

elegant wedding 55
Sense of the dream: irresolute character

excel for elegance 45
What does it mean: disagreements with your loved one

illegal gain 38
Meaning of the dream: hard time

rejoice for a legacy 2
Description: ambitious desires

reclaim a legacy 50
Interpretation of the dream: great concern

elegant bra 68
Translation: assertion of power

elegant reception 8
Dream description: quiet serenity

refuse legacy 37
Meaning: missed connections

economize 21
Translation of the dream: concern about money matters

elegant meeting 61
Interpretation: moments of distress

64 - Smorfia classic: elegance 64

elegant tailoring 64
What does it mean: delays and mishaps

elegant toilet 61
Meaning of the dream: aid and protection

elegant uniform 5
Description: eventful life

elegant suitcase 31
Interpretation of the dream: creative spirit

elegant dress 61
Translation: tough win

illegal gambling den 23

elegant carriage 88

papal delegate 22

delegation 86

illegal 40

illegality 73

legacy assets 14

legacy of linen 5

legacy of houses 43

legacy of furniture 25

graduate in economics 10

legalize 20

legation 78

economist 38

illegal marriage 81

economy Minister 80