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Ecclesiastical affairs. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Ecclesiastical Affairs. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Ecclesiastical Affairs 25
Meaning of the dream: loss of money

domestic affairs 34
Description: concerns and backbiting

legal Affairs 27
Interpretation of the dream: quarrels inevitable

Commercial Affairs 65
Translation: dangerous decisions

neglecting affairs 34
Dream description: lack of reflection

take charge of affairs 68

meddle in affairs 11

yearbook ecclesiastical 27
Interpretation: envy discovery

ecclesiastical authorities 79
Sense of the dream: permanent danger

ecclesiastical cap 70
What does it mean: laziness and dissatisfaction

ecclesiastical chant 80
Meaning of the dream: harmony with the environment

Dean ecclesiastical 54
Description: Luckily the game

ecclesiastical decree 12
Interpretation of the dream: imprudence and temerity

ecclesiastical emblem 35
Translation: external protection

speaker ecclesiastical 43
Dream description: good relations

ecclesiastical order 90
Meaning: new guidelines

ecclesiastical precept 90
Translation of the dream: request for help

banner ecclesiastical 4
Interpretation: success and well-being

Chancellor ecclesiastical 27

ecclesiastical censure 58

ecclesiastical party 37

ecclesiastical investigation 85

ecclesiastical canon 27

ecclesiastical advisor 85

ecclesiastical discipline 29

treasurer ecclesiastical 22

prevent an affair 6
Translation of the dream: treacherous people to avoid

advise against an affair 58
Interpretation: intellectual relations

affair of the heart 10