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Easter baskets. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Easter baskets. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Easter eggs 34
Meaning of the dream: success in work

Easter roses 66
Description: suggestions essays

Easter duty 56
Interpretation of the dream: serenity reports

Easter holidays 34
Translation: interesting proposal

Easter 52
Dream description: inner rebirth

celebrate easter 28
Meaning: persecution of enemies

Easter dove 30
Translation of the dream: new relationships

communicated to Easter 88
Interpretation: sadness passing

grapes in baskets 19
Sense of the dream: temperament sentimental

Easter Mass 63
What does it mean: malevolent criticism

Easter communion 88
Meaning of the dream: excellent earnings

Easter lamb 6
Description: great future

approach of Easter 5
Interpretation of the dream: new business

strawberries in baskets 23
Translation: protections equivocal

wish you a happy Easter 87
Dream description: you have so much hope and courage

Easter celebration 66
Meaning: uncertainties

mountaineer with baskets 16
Translation of the dream: penis and opposition

basket maker 81
Interpretation: courage and resourcefulness

manufacture the basket 73
Sense of the dream: Excellent reports

buy a basket 16
What does it mean: Favourable

Baby basket 9
Meaning of the dream: welfare loss

basket with hens 74
Description: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

basket with chestnuts 66
Interpretation of the dream: scruples exaggerated

basket with pears 32
Translation: small problems to solve

basket with vegetables 42
Dream description: rash judgments

little basket with snack 15
Meaning: disloyalty on the part of a woman

little basket 5
Translation of the dream: Hidden Danger

basket 18
Interpretation: happy event, perhaps even the birth of a baby in the family or a friend s house

workbasket 35
Sense of the dream: reconciliation with an enemy

broken basket 44
What does it mean: adaptability

carry the basket 60
Meaning of the dream: next gains

round basket 71
Description: gain

making a basket 73
Interpretation of the dream: Excellent reports

cart or basket 30
Translation: will refuse a good offer for fear of over-commitment

laundry basket 7
Dream description: humiliation by acquaintances

basket with sweets 11
Meaning: hard problems

basket with peaches 86
Translation of the dream: a good chance

basket with apricots 5
Interpretation: recovery of energy

basket with lemons 70
Sense of the dream: discovery of intrigue

basket with cabbage 8
What does it mean: You should begin to exploit your talents in other ways

Basket with nuts 70
Meaning of the dream: greatness and honor

basket with apples 27
Description: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

basket with artichokes 21
Interpretation of the dream: professional prestige

basket with chicks 16
Translation: serenity of spirit

Orange and basket 75
Dream description: spirit dreamer

basket with cheese 2
Meaning: your spouse you faithful

basket of fruit 15
Translation of the dream: favors granted

basket with figs 34
Interpretation: dangerous illusions

basket with plums 76
Sense of the dream: longing secret

Cherries and basket 10
What does it mean: business trip

basket with mushrooms 18
Meaning of the dream: delicate situation

basket for pigeons 8
Description: that appearances are deceiving

basket with strawberries 10
Interpretation of the dream: achieving a goal

basket with herbs 14
Translation: unexpected twist