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Dog on the roof with people. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Dog on the roof with people. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

dog catcher who takes a dog 23
Meaning of the dream: limited freedom

dog catcher who does not take the dog 16
Description: amorous adventures

go to the roof 60
Interpretation of the dream: thwarted love

roof 45
Translation: limits in terms of mental or spiritual

lie down on the roof 61
Dream description: situation stable

fall from the roof 59
Meaning: moral force

owl on the roof 13
Translation of the dream: bad news

chimney on the roof 42
Interpretation: friendships helpful

cat on the roof 16
Sense of the dream: to curb impulsiveness

see cats on the roof 1
What does it mean: unfavorable successful your business

masons on the roof 19
Meaning of the dream: duty to perform

pigeons on the roof 84
Description: prosperity and well-being

uncover a roof 67
Interpretation of the dream: ambition fulfilled

drip roof 40
Translation: stubbornness and rebellion

tiles on the roof 78
Dream description: reward waiting

roof of a house 17
Meaning: new ideas to be realized

roof of a church 76
Translation of the dream: security and aid

thatched roof 79
Interpretation: displeasure passenger

roof unsafe 70
Sense of the dream: request for help

roof falls 53
What does it mean: considerable damage

climb on the roof 3
Meaning of the dream: success and progress

walk on the roof 27
Description: brilliant statement

dove on the roof 47
Interpretation of the dream: happiness innocent

lower the roof 24
Translation: trouble passing

put a roof truss 62
Dream description: disease

lightning rod on the roof of a house 64
Meaning: malicious accusations

dog 6
Translation of the dream: do not forget your friends

take a dog 30
Interpretation: professional concerns

their dog barking 5
Sense of the dream: help from someone close

pet the dog 19
What does it mean: faithfulness

dog drowned 15
Meaning of the dream: increased work

incite a dog 79
Description: harassment of friends

kill a dog 15
Interpretation of the dream: stubbornness dangerous

dachshund dog 62
Translation: happiness

barking dog 36
Dream description: small delays

dog sleeping 32
Meaning: programs to be reviewed

dog eating 61
Translation of the dream: Useful corrections

dog bites 52
Interpretation: broken promises

small dog 21
Sense of the dream: financial worries

big dog 12
What does it mean: love relationships

healthy dog 17
Meaning of the dream: affection won

sick dog 40
Description: incomprehension of relatives

lost dog 41
Interpretation of the dream: need for serenity

dog found 52
Translation: jealousy avoided

dog poisoned 85
Dream description: misunderstandings with your loved one

chained dog 62
Meaning: unpleasant surprises

dog in freedom 72
Translation of the dream: visits and further meetings