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Deposit melons. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream Deposit melons. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

cart with melons 38
Meaning of the dream: discouragement

deposit fabrics 44
Description: over-reactions and dangerous

melon field 80
Interpretation of the dream: lucky breaks

security deposit 40
Translation: held favorable

give the deposit 44
Dream description: excellent directives

deposit receipt 69
Meaning: Good news

deposit luggage 44
Translation of the dream: personal affirmation

deposit for rent 10
Interpretation: wrong assessment

deposit for bail 10
Sense of the dream: Fortunately lasting

good with deposit 78
What does it mean: fair play

deposit of drugs 8
Meaning of the dream: happy human contact

deposit 6
Description: fraud

deposit trunk 32
Interpretation of the dream: chimeras dangerous

gold deposit 77
Translation: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

receive the deposit 78
Dream description: Success in business

deposit suitcase 61
Meaning: fantastic dreams

lose a deposit 67
Translation of the dream: irresolute spirit

deposit capital 14
Interpretation: recognition of rights

deposit in the bank 69
Sense of the dream: negotiating favorable

gold deposit and values 62
What does it mean: unexpected chance

paper filing 52
Meaning of the dream: restlessness and doubts

furniture warehouse 74
Description: victory over enemies

alms box 75
Interpretation of the dream: receipts that are slow

carrier cassette 58
Translation: goods won

cassette burglarized 80
Dream description: donation and earnings

melon seed 1
Meaning: Company nice

box 8
Translation of the dream: you will be left last

safe-deposit box 72
Interpretation: lack of freedom

junction box 28
Sense of the dream: great helpful

iron box 12
What does it mean: daring proposals

gold box 11
Meaning of the dream: new friendships

wooden box 70
Description: extravagant actions

box horn 85
Interpretation of the dream: good social skills

box of pens 4
Translation: reckless appreciations

metal box 54
Dream description: news untrusted

deposit money 70
Meaning: programs to be reviewed

silver box 5
Translation of the dream: uncertain business

seal a box 20
Interpretation: new friends

box of candy 57
Sense of the dream: concerns falling

box of pads 18
What does it mean: selfish concerns

rim of the tank 23
Meaning of the dream: hampered relations

carton box 50
Description: reckless speculation

customs warehouse 65
Interpretation of the dream: small payout

shelf of the library 11
Translation: new interests

wedding favors 80
Dream description: major change

clean the dump 8
Meaning: inner resources

pay the installment 44
Translation of the dream: dignified restraint

water tank 45
Interpretation: protection possible

box of face powder 70
Sense of the dream: feelings thwarted

Bandstand Theater 72
What does it mean: gradual improvements

proscenium stage 18
Meaning of the dream: missed opportunity

give bail 55
Description: being quiet

cassette 30
Interpretation of the dream: deserved awards

watermelon 31
Translation: many hopes for projects

empty box 32
Dream description: general relaxation

box full 27
Meaning: foreign relations

to deposit 49
Translation of the dream: abandonment of a friend