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Dad talking to a customer. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Dad talking to a customer. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

cheating a customer 76
Meaning of the dream: backbiting and gossip

dissatisfy a customer 35
Description: successes

assaulting a customer 78
Interpretation of the dream: new annoyances

unhappy customer 30
Translation: painful circumstances

poor customer 63
Dream description: great disappointments

cool customer 60
Meaning: you have great ambitions and perhaps be able to realize them;

paying customer 1
Translation of the dream: great aspirations

customer that does not pay 14
Interpretation: prosperity

father (dad) 9
Sense of the dream: fear of the judgment of an influential person or of a superior

good customer 3
What does it mean: stormy events

rich client 18
Meaning of the dream: You myths difficult to reach

customer 66
Description: favored career

talking to a man 18
Interpretation of the dream: new hope

dad 44
Translation: very good omen

poor dad 53
Dream description: coldness of relations

talk to the Pope 90
Meaning: clarification of issues

talking at the bar 66
Translation of the dream: lack of control

talking aloud 82
Interpretation: aggressive arrogance

talking to their grandparents 45
Sense of the dream: industry recognized

talking softly 11
What does it mean: enforceable rights

talking bad 82
Meaning of the dream: motions of anger

talking in church 45
Description: regard and esteem

talking to the theater 10
Interpretation of the dream: hostility of the surrounding environment

talking with an abbess 22
Translation: novelties in business

Still talking 36
Dream description: time of trouble

talking in nightclub 18
Meaning: You want to have good luck

talking with the dead 50
Translation of the dream: luck and serenity

talking with lover 55
Interpretation: you will be robbed

Pope ill 48
Sense of the dream: moments of agitation

Pope to the balcony 70
What does it mean: fruitful relationships

talking at home 74
Meaning of the dream: secret relationship

Pope walk 3
Description: ardor and exuberance

talking cricket 65
Interpretation of the dream: joy and abandon

Pope attack 90
Translation: difficult relationships

Pope died 85
Dream description: fluke

Pope preaches 17
Meaning: programs pleasant

Pope Enthroned 9
Translation of the dream: new ideas to be realized

Pope cap 31
Interpretation: bad social period

Pope visit 54
Sense of the dream: good organization

acclaim the Pope 5
What does it mean: good news

madonna talking 64
Meaning of the dream: delight

Memorial Pope 50
Description: rebellions unnecessary

Pope in function 81
Interpretation of the dream: delays and cancellations

Pope at the council 66
Translation: solid ties of friendship and affection

Pope in procession 16
Dream description: Achieving a popular destination

Pope in audience 21
Meaning: appreciation flattering

talk to god 40
Translation of the dream: prosperity and well-being

Pope among the cardinals 6
Interpretation: strong attachment to traditions

dead speak 48
Sense of the dream: shocking revelations

petition to the Pope 18
What does it mean: satisfactory achievements

talk to the accountant 53
Meaning of the dream: intrigue hidden