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Dad open coffin. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Dad open coffin. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

open casket 24
Meaning of the dream: Backed by a friendly face

white coffin 42
Description: healthcare long

empty coffin 31
Interpretation of the dream: lack of enthusiasm

overturned coffin 50
Translation: dangerous follies

carry the coffin 6
Dream description: misunderstanding in the family

coffin with the dead 17
Meaning: dangerous changes

coffin in church 16
Translation of the dream: privileges conquered

coffin in the cemetery 90
Interpretation: confidences dangerous

coffin 4
Sense of the dream: womb

father (dad) 9
What does it mean: fear of the judgment of an influential person or of a superior

He died in the coffin 4
Meaning of the dream: family sorrows

open padlock 35
Description: emotional situation calm

torch near a coffin 2
Interpretation of the dream: sad events

Pope walk 3
Translation: ardor and exuberance

be in a coffin 13
Dream description: pleasant change

corpse in the coffin 66
Meaning: ties that melt

Pope in function 81
Translation of the dream: delays and cancellations

open safe 15
Interpretation: mild illness

Pope to the balcony 70
Sense of the dream: fruitful relationships

pray coffin of a relative 4
What does it mean: deep pain that will determine a change of conduct

Pope 58
Meaning of the dream: misfortune, sad and mournful event

Persian open 56
Description: mental clarity

dress open 70
Interpretation of the dream: happy coexistence

hood open 48
Translation: damage and losses

open wardrobe 9
Dream description: next ailments

open parachute 4
Meaning: innate optimism

open tabernacle 63
Translation of the dream: initiatives guess

mouth open 86
Interpretation: continuous contrasts

Pope cap 31
Sense of the dream: bad social period

hat by Pope 8
What does it mean: emotions unjustified

Pope ill 48
Meaning of the dream: moments of agitation

Open bus 27
Description: deep emotion

Pope died 85
Interpretation of the dream: fluke

Pope at the council 66
Translation: solid ties of friendship and affection

open gate 16
Dream description: major changes

Pope preaches 17
Meaning: programs pleasant

acclaim the Pope 5
Translation of the dream: good news

Pope attack 90
Interpretation: difficult relationships

open trap 55
Sense of the dream: extrovert

Pope visit 54
What does it mean: good organization

dad 44
Meaning of the dream: very good omen

Pope in procession 16
Description: Achieving a popular destination

Pope Enthroned 9
Interpretation of the dream: new ideas to be realized

shelf open 32
Translation: plenty of money

Pope in audience 21
Dream description: appreciation flattering

open suitcase 87
Meaning: good chance

Memorial Pope 50
Translation of the dream: rebellions unnecessary

open lock 47
Interpretation: new possibilities

see a open bus 49
Sense of the dream: new events

codpiece open 35
What does it mean: naive and sincere person

open umbrella 43
Meaning of the dream: adaptability and fortune

open cage 59
Description: gain

open manhole 40
Interpretation of the dream: Work inconclusive