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Cup with host. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Cup with host. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

consecrate the host 29
Meaning of the dream: love for life

buy the Host 80
Description: health hazard

win the cup 41
Interpretation of the dream: faithful friendships

Cup rout 66
Translation: late reflection

golden cup 47
Dream description: good intelligence

receive the host 18
Meaning: inner peace

eat the host 14
Translation of the dream: health threat

Crystal cup 12
Interpretation: proposals and solutions

Host broken 32
Sense of the dream: sorrows serious

silver cup 31
What does it mean: false view of reality

Spiritual host 50
Meaning of the dream: hatred secret

consecrated host 40
Description: important news

Lead cup 11
Interpretation of the dream: nice trips

host 29
Translation: organizational capacity

cup with champagne 45
Dream description: intense relationships

cup 70
Meaning: luck and good business

Wooden cup 1
Translation of the dream: exuberance

host cellar 75
Interpretation: secret plots

cup ground 89
Sense of the dream: business ranging in port

host tavern 86
What does it mean: danger of flattery

wooden goblet 2
Meaning of the dream: good friendship

porcelain cup 76
Description: missed appointment

empty cup 46
Interpretation of the dream: Discussions with family

broken cup 9
Translation: initiatives wrong

full cup 31
Dream description: gains and estimate

host of soldiers 21
Meaning: spirit of adventure

plastic cup 57
Translation of the dream: economic interests

soup cup 28
Interpretation: chance of success

cup of coffee 73
Sense of the dream: moral revenge

cup of ice cream 40
What does it mean: disappointments by young

Cup of milk 65
Meaning of the dream: correctness constant

crystal bowl 46
Description: satisfactions of love

host honest 10
Interpretation of the dream: skills in business

profaned hosts 3
Translation: painful loss

make a timbale 4
Dream description: remarkable achievements

tray with cups 16
Meaning: momentum in activity

wineglass 10
Translation of the dream: Good news coming

wash up cups 2
Interpretation: demonstrations of trust

glass of vermouth 33
Sense of the dream: states of malaise

Ace of Cups 62
What does it mean: union inconstant

drink mead (cider) 7
Meaning of the dream: do friendship with Jews

27 - Smorfia classic: cantharus 27

goblet 24
Interpretation of the dream: good luck

goblet of glass 55
Translation: difficult relationship

tree top 6
Dream description: Good news coming

silver goblets 78
Meaning: lightness in business

hosts 64
Translation of the dream: eat, contest

broken bowl 36
Interpretation: collapse of a friendship

empty glass 48
Sense of the dream: affections safe

trophy 12
What does it mean: Liberation from concerns

silver bowl 77
Meaning of the dream: unusual happenings

the bottom of the glass 19
Description: explaining to do

unknown guest 36
Interpretation of the dream: significant personal benefits

see hosts 83
Translation: a next desired news

cups 75
Dream description: right time to take on new commitments

nightcap 9
Meaning: infidelity of relatives

chamomile drink 32
Translation of the dream: clear mind

chalice of a flower 12
Interpretation: momentary happiness

drink liquor 42
Sense of the dream: lie to friends

drink poison 71
What does it mean: states of dissatisfaction