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Crow against window. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Crow against window. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

crow embalmed 73
Meaning of the dream: tendency to vice

crow 68
Description: sad omen

lean against the window 26
Interpretation of the dream: thwarted love

crow in a cage 59
Translation: hypocrisy and ingratitude

crow on his head 3
Dream description: fallacious illusions

versus 47
Meaning: change activity

crow flying 21
Translation of the dream: deceptions hidden

crow that caws 6
Interpretation: restlessness and torment

up against a tree 89
Sense of the dream: sudden love

up against a wall 18
What does it mean: solution of a problem

window ajar 34
Meaning of the dream: need for bold action

crow dead 89
Description: dissipation and disorder

wall window 8
Interpretation of the dream: lack of practicality

window fall 6
Translation: growth and health

up against a pole 29
Dream description: curiosity of neighbors

fight against the beasts 29
Meaning: suffering and infirmity

swim against the tide 32
Translation of the dream: emotional instability

rowing against the tide 12
Interpretation: ideas to be accepted

conspire against friends 59
Sense of the dream: good intentions

up against a piece of furniture 3
What does it mean: missed opportunity

sin against the next 36
Meaning of the dream: ferment of ideas

conspiracy against the state 4
Description: novelty for the job

call the window 60
Interpretation of the dream: concerns from work

barred window 88
Translation: passion contrasted

conspire against the state 64
Dream description: unexpected aid

go against the wind 13
Meaning: small daily difficulties

walking against the wind 24
Translation of the dream: excessive susceptibility

barricade the window 46
Interpretation: new friends

shoot the window 2
Sense of the dream: physical exhaustion

barring a window 63
What does it mean: compromise to avoid

rise up against any injustice 11
Meaning of the dream: you can help a deserving person

window on the sea 75
Description: obstacles to overcome

illuminate a window 90
Interpretation of the dream: difficulty Contact

unscrew a window 19
Translation: haughtiness

squint a window 14
Dream description: discouragement and pains

unhinge a window 46
Meaning: sad thoughts

window campaign 5
Translation of the dream: radical change

jump from the window 21
Interpretation: unbridled passion

fall from window 18
Sense of the dream: sacrifices for relatives

get on a window 31
What does it mean: distress and disgust

anger against people known 63
Meaning of the dream: success in your projects

insurance against fire 42
Description: difficult days

testify against someone 32
Interpretation of the dream: anguish of love

driving against traffic 15
Translation: next discomforts

open window 43
Dream description: increasing business

beaten window 31
Meaning: good health

low window 19
Translation of the dream: benevolence and protection

jump out the window 16
Interpretation: Excessive passion

rowing against the wind 50
Sense of the dream: restlessness and discontent

crystals window 56
What does it mean: dangerous lack of balance

wallpaper for a window 66
Meaning of the dream: secret relationship

insurance against theft 40
Description: happy discovery