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Craft washes dishes. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Craft washes dishes. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

dishes 40
Meaning of the dream: bullshitting with modest people procure dislikes

mercy that washes 11
Description: commitments to be

girl washes 7
Interpretation of the dream: happy solution

washing up dishes 16
Translation: self confidence

hurl dishes 60
Dream description: successful completion of tests

pack dishes 25
Meaning: crucial meeting

antique dishes 42
Translation of the dream: good relations with the elderly

oval dishes 30
Interpretation: impossible love

salt dishes 38
Sense of the dream: friendships concerned

boy who washes 6
What does it mean: You want to get rid of someone who oppresses you

burn dishes 76
Meaning of the dream: coherence in

taste dishes 67
Description: happy news

buy dishes 35
Interpretation of the dream: good business practice

table dishes 65
Translation: rebellion useless

rinse dishes 13
Dream description: increasing business

craft 12
Meaning: job that will not come never rewarded

shelf with dishes 31
Translation of the dream: judgments little goals

rack for dishes 27
Interpretation: expenses to be addressed

Lava Volcano 61
Sense of the dream: soul full of love

wash dishes 57
What does it mean: positive energy

learn craft 26
Meaning of the dream: unexpected overtime

craft weapons 87
Description: problems of the past that come back

dirty dishes 40
Interpretation of the dream: conciliatory spirit

wash linen 71
Translation: prosperity and health

naked that you wash 2
Dream description: pugnacity

portion of dishes 9
Meaning: need of rest

shelf for dishes 33
Translation of the dream: unexpected meeting

woman washing 49
Interpretation: dangerous illusions

noise of crockery 48
Sense of the dream: happy moments

stack of plates 28
What does it mean: gumption

china plates 84
Meaning of the dream: quiet life

Wash the chicory 25
Description: Good support

wash your hair 71
Interpretation of the dream: victory over enemies

washerwoman washing 44
Translation: discovery of a lost item

wash up cups 2
Dream description: demonstrations of trust

soup plates 86
Meaning: imprudence dangerous

kitchen crockery 29
Translation of the dream: prosperity and health

wash the brush 20
Interpretation: overcome difficulties

full plates 74
Sense of the dream: being conquered

wash the garment 79
What does it mean: ties unstable

Housewife washing 8
Meaning of the dream: business ranging in port

wash his face 41
Description: sadness passing

wash duvet 90
Interpretation of the dream: remorse

servant who does the laundry 34
Translation: pleasant events

dishwasher 4
Dream description: sadness and anxiety

crockery 38
Meaning: bullshitting with modest people procure dislikes

wash up 58
Translation of the dream: self confidence

wash towel 33
Interpretation: negative emotions

do laundry 77
Sense of the dream: physical force

break crockery 14
What does it mean: unexpected novelty

wash the bowl 1
Meaning of the dream: new interests

break plates 76
Description: material well-being

aluminum plates 68
Interpretation of the dream: emotional arousal

gramophone plates 53
Translation: austere life

wash rice 4
Dream description: funeral in the family