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Control of damage. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Control of damage. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

check damage 27
Meaning of the dream: ideas to be clarified immediately

impose control 74
Description: wisdom

damage caused 67
Interpretation of the dream: impulsive reactions

premeditated damage 85
Translation: energy direct harm

damage caused to others 7
Dream description: danger of intrigue

damage suffered by others 70
Meaning: unwillingness

irreparable damage 41
Translation of the dream: unreasonable fees

control men 8
Interpretation: You are unable to cope on their own to problems

amends for damage 48
Sense of the dream: inner resources

control 50
What does it mean: rapid career

control women 5
Meaning of the dream: wrong steps

assess damage 5
Description: Late awards

birth control 53
Interpretation of the dream: nobility of mind

control weight 34
Translation: hopes dashed

control animals 90
Dream description: small woes

control children 40
Meaning: sadness

damages paid 28
Translation of the dream: reckless actions

unintentional damage 35
Interpretation: hard work

pest control 26
Sense of the dream: would you get rid of something unpleasant

fired from doing damage 38
What does it mean: fright

damage 70
Meaning of the dream: small ailments

pay damages 8
Description: squabbles interest

give delivery 10
Interpretation of the dream: loving spontaneity

bring harm 3
Translation: unfortunate affair

buffalo that does damage 2
Dream description: danger of delays

remote controller 74
Meaning: sensation of manipulating people

claim damages 69
Translation of the dream: dangerous temptations

supervising boyfriend 74
Interpretation: practical realization

do injury 17
Sense of the dream: dangers

supervising wife 56
What does it mean: moments of despair

supervising lover 28
Meaning of the dream: knowledge ambiguous

usufruct 36
Description: resolution of a question still pending

loss 78
Interpretation of the dream: uncertainties

admiral who commands 27
Translation: honors bestowed

big loss 6
Dream description: awards in the work

loss horse 1
Meaning: loss of friends

ox which damages 1
Translation of the dream: inner dissatisfaction

hail that damages 7
Interpretation: superficiality

mischief for others 41
Sense of the dream: wrath, melancholy, bright with anger, disease

lose rummy 11
What does it mean: optimistic outlook

damaging a floor 1
Meaning of the dream: small annoyances

suffer a loss 81
Description: extraordinary strength

damaged by war 59
Interpretation of the dream: breaking agreements

upset about a loss 34
Translation: discovery of a secret

crazy for a loss 25
Dream description: new perspectives

cry for a loss 8
Meaning: great resignation

recover from a loss 73
Translation of the dream: favorable agreements

hurt or shoulder pain 78
Interpretation: Next disagree with relatives

a child to lie down 75
Sense of the dream: lack of self-confidence

get up on plane 8
What does it mean: new hope

feel hurt or pain in body parts 54
Meaning of the dream: long health

get someone on the porch 48
Description: good decision

find and get a puppy 56
Interpretation of the dream: you adopt a child

slip on the ice with skates 37
Translation: short pleasure and sadness

catch 70
Dream description: patience

get 48
Meaning: pleasures make someone

resign 50
Translation of the dream: promotion, wealth or luck

both 40
Interpretation: good omen, can win the lottery