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Control of damage. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Control of damage. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

control 50
Meaning of the dream: rapid career

control weight 34
Description: hopes dashed

birth control 53

control animals 90

control women 5

control children 40

control men 8

impose control 74

damage 70
Sense of the dream: small ailments

damage caused to others 7
What does it mean: danger of intrigue

damage suffered by others 70
Meaning of the dream: unwillingness

irreparable damage 41
Description: unreasonable fees

unintentional damage 35
Interpretation of the dream: hard work

premeditated damage 85
Translation: energy direct harm

fired from doing damage 38
Dream description: fright

assess damage 5
Meaning: Late awards

check damage 27
Translation of the dream: ideas to be clarified immediately

buffalo that does damage 2

damage caused 67

amends for damage 48

accept a contract 84
Meaning of the dream: good business

cancel a contract 80
Description: desire to escape

contractor 60
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected fortune

deal with a contractor 60
Translation: unexpected fortune

be contractor 1
Dream description: next loss

contract to someone 4
Meaning: desire and possibility to escape his environment

boat damaged 19
Translation of the dream: dreams come true

contribute to employment 18
Interpretation: security and concentration

contribute to a professorship 65
Sense of the dream: lack of sociability

contribute to an expenditure 70
What does it mean: difficult struggle

contrabass 63
Meaning of the dream: original ideas

hear playing contrabass 28
Description: steadfastness of purpose

contrada 47
Interpretation of the dream: need to be more active

contrada laughing 90
Translation: confidentiality

contradict parents 16
Dream description: sacrifices for sentimental reasons

contradict a person 18
Meaning: benefits from family

contradict a speech 5
Translation of the dream: victory over enemies

contradict wrongly 84
Interpretation: tips to listen

to contract 29
Sense of the dream: desire and possibility to escape his environment

contract agreement 30
What does it mean: audacity and cunning

contracting a disease 14
Meaning of the dream: spirit stingy

contract a vice 7
Description: fertile imagination

contract a commitment 18
Interpretation of the dream: volubility and lightness

contracting habit 10
Translation: courage and resourcefulness

contract marriage 31
Dream description: prudence and diplomacy

contract a purchase 46
Meaning: happy marriage

contract 50
Translation of the dream: It is prepared to engage in a long-term relationship or project

contract home 59
Interpretation: enmity with friends

contract of purchase 79
Sense of the dream: waste of money

sales contract 65
What does it mean: frankness and generosity

marriage contract 32
Meaning of the dream: vivacity of spirit

employment contract 56
Description: irony and mischief

contravention 1
Interpretation of the dream: weakness of character

contribution 48
Translation: decision without thinking

make a contribution 18
Dream description: decision without thinking

receive a contribution 7
Meaning: fortitude

cash contribution 42
Translation of the dream: indolence

Train controller 51
Interpretation: lack of skills in business

controller tram 50
Sense of the dream: low energy

controller cinema 84
What does it mean: changing character

damaging furniture 48
Meaning of the dream: organization irrational

damaging a floor 1
Description: small annoyances

damaging an apartment 77
Interpretation of the dream: bitterness and sorrow

contrariness 10
Translation: soon everything will turn to better

sign contracts 44
Dream description: unexpected encounters

notice a contravention 23
Meaning: dangerous hazards

introducing contraband merchandise 60
Translation of the dream: you have to limit yourself to more

contract a marriage 80
Interpretation: overcome obstacles

damaged goods 73
Sense of the dream: confidences to avoid

controversial brochures 80
What does it mean: jealousy of neighbors

ratify a contract 58
Meaning of the dream: easy success

contravene a rule 34
Description: speeches alarming

renew contract 8
Interpretation of the dream: new initiatives