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Coliseum. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream Coliseum. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Coliseum 90
Meaning of the dream: ties secrets

den of amphitheater 25
Description: sudden sympathy

inscribed in school 88
Interpretation of the dream: nervous tension

inscribed in the gym 10
Translation: energy physics

grandstand empty 12
Dream description: obstacle avoidance

Korean amphitheater 88
Meaning: serenity and confidence

Egyptian amphitheater 26
Translation of the dream: unhappy love

amphitheater in painting 81
Interpretation: exciting experience

amphitheater turkish 65
Sense of the dream: fulfillment of their hopes

Roman amphitheater 40
What does it mean: suffering and sacrifice

access to a school 82
Meaning of the dream: favorable circumstances

away from school 73
Description: quarrels between friends

altruism not included 13
Interpretation of the dream: deserved awards

see armor 54
Translation: tormenting doubt

learn school knowledge 9
Dream description: anxiety

bump of thirst 60
Meaning: good success

school career 81
Translation of the dream: unsolicited advice

fight with the armor 64
Interpretation: willingness on the decline

hit an armor 42
Sense of the dream: unrealizable projects

declaim at school 42
What does it mean: easy achievements

school director 3
Meaning of the dream: suggestions essays

school discipline 60
Description: intelligence and reflection

distracted at school 84
Interpretation of the dream: Possible surprises

educate at school 80
Translation: conclusions of relief

school exam 88
Dream description: inner torments

colossus 11
Meaning: ruin next

collision between two cars 39
Translation of the dream: business and improve within a short time

collision between two motorcycles 34
Interpretation: the person you love will craves

crash 18
Sense of the dream: disappointment in the business sector

attend school 86
What does it mean: incompatibility of character

ship collision 67
Meaning of the dream: discovery of truth

postal parcel 21
Description: confidence poorly rewarded

send a package 1
Interpretation of the dream: News coming soon

send a pack 30
Translation: reliable information

bench school 31
Dream description: satisfaction by a young

postman delivering a parcel 81
Meaning: expectations disappointed

school prize 62
Translation of the dream: resourcefulness excessive

kids at school 23
Interpretation: minded

deliver a parcel 11
Sense of the dream: lightened reports

buy school lunch 86
What does it mean: suffering paid

eat school lunch 17
Meaning of the dream: good health

school meals 48
Description: desire for independence

school register 34
Interpretation of the dream: brilliant intelligence

receipt of a parcel 86
Translation: businesses safe

expelled from school 38
Dream description: novelty friendships

pupils who go to school 21
Meaning: increase physical energy

school calendar 2
Translation of the dream: inventive spirit

school inspector 54
Interpretation: head shots

collision of ships 36
Sense of the dream: love of power

the unisex school 27
What does it mean: not to complicate situation

school with students 36
Meaning of the dream: feelings of love

school with teacher 18
Description: weak hopes

School campaign 14
Interpretation of the dream: strong impressionability

They are taken out of school 2
Translation: inner conflicts