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Choose port. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Choose port. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

choose 17
Meaning of the dream: wise insight

choose tie 46
Description: favorable movements

choose rag 4
Interpretation of the dream: willingness weak

choose a profession 4
Translation: news to keep secret

choose a lipstick 42
Dream description: economic swings

choose a spouse 25
Meaning: meeting interesting

choose a lawyer 4
Translation of the dream: economic difficulties

choose a friend 18
Interpretation: novelty in the work

choose and explain letters 58
Sense of the dream: you will know the truth

port 7
What does it mean: newfound peace after a long period of anguish and suffering

ship in port 33
Meaning of the dream: bewilderment

Lantern port 70
Description: contrasting moods

a walled port 3
Interpretation of the dream: responsibility to face

steamer in port 85
Translation: envy of enemies

river port 52
Dream description: demanding appointment

military port 88
Meaning: intransigence exaggerated

submarine in port 87
Translation of the dream: inner security

vessel in port 78
Interpretation: bewilderment

bathyscaphe in port 76

port batting 64

blocking a port 48

bomb a port 72

brig in port 40

port authorities 87

porter port 1

arrival at the port 1

Armored in port 89

palisade port 40

dead ship in the port 33
Sense of the dream: bewilderment

see in the port torpedo boat 85
What does it mean: lust for life

ocean liner in port 14
Meaning of the dream: bewilderment

oil tanker in port 36

water sport 2
Interpretation of the dream: patience in difficult relationships

sports training 7
Translation: embarrassment in a choice

airport 12
Dream description: find difficulties to organize your schedule

see an airport 35
Meaning: triumph in the fight

go to the airport 6
Translation of the dream: next fortune

airport with planes coming 14
Interpretation: concentration and profits

airport with planes departing 84
Sense of the dream: good resolutions

go to the airport to leave 66
What does it mean: liberation from weights

wait in an airport arrival 42
Meaning of the dream: safety in the future

airport destroyed 54
Description: reduced activity

look out the porthole 37
Interpretation of the dream: luck in love

important business 64
Translation: insult received

crowding of sports 49
Dream description: waste of money

transport agency 27
Meaning: failed attempt

train in a sport 20
Translation of the dream: confidence in their own forces

portable altar 61
Interpretation: momentary separation

importance of a high place 2
Sense of the dream: exaggerated enthusiasm

sporting ambition 11
What does it mean: succeeded in resolutions

yearbook sports 12
Meaning of the dream: unwillingness

support 61
Description: do not forget your neighbor in need

Construction waste transport 81
Interpretation of the dream: support to be given to an elderly

Sports field 13
Translation: disagreements in the family

sporting career 49
Dream description: support and security

helmet sports 84
Meaning: best missed opportunities

seek portfolio 14
Translation of the dream: momentary embarrassment

sports club 43
Interpretation: distrust and laziness

seize opportunity 8
Sense of the dream: novelty in the work

Commissioner sports 16
What does it mean: illusions and disillusions

grant support 49
Meaning of the dream: bonhomie and sympathy

dismiss an importunate 32
Description: discord with neighbors

foreign reporting 12
Interpretation of the dream: fantastic dreams

report a murderess 36
Translation: indiscretion of friends

report a crime 13
Dream description: ties earnest

amateur sports 26
Meaning: desire for success

practice a sport 27
Translation of the dream: good practical sense

ancient means of transport to animal traction 90
Interpretation: good future

have disproportionately long fingers 4
Sense of the dream: unhappy marriage