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Children in a circle. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream Children in a circle. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

be expelled from the circle 3
Meaning of the dream: compromising friendships

silver circle 31
Description: waivers painful

draw a circle 51
Interpretation of the dream: possibility to exploit

crown Children 64
Translation: deserved recognition

wooden circle 17
Dream description: protection and aid

circle of the barrel 70
Meaning: Effective collaboration

metal circle 36
Translation of the dream: envy

circle 80
Interpretation: excellent prospects

widen the circle of acquaintances 51
Sense of the dream: new openings in the labor

golden circle 16
What does it mean: false mirages

quiet children 49
Meaning of the dream: excellent chance

pampered children 87
Description: you think you can get more economic revenue

Children smash 46
Interpretation of the dream: developed domain of s

Walkers Children 49
Translation: need to work on their own

perfect circle 81
Dream description: affective inconstancy

iron circle 48
Meaning: rivalry in love

bright circle 26
Translation of the dream: nervous tension

copper circle 46
Interpretation: good health

comb children 84
Sense of the dream: affected quiet

singing children 82
What does it mean: approvals for work

circle of aluminum 76
Meaning of the dream: intrigue hidden

wash children 36
Description: dynamism and passion

children are able 34
Interpretation of the dream: serene horizon

kidnap children 54
Translation: serious grounds of affliction

Children religious 37
Dream description: inner balance

screaming children 8
Meaning: exciting news

Children who eat 65
Translation of the dream: waiting impatiently

the children crying 55
Interpretation: impending problems

zinc circle 19
Sense of the dream: valid support

short children 26
What does it mean: good health

Children in context 65
Meaning of the dream: eased the concerns and will return more serene

hugging children 47
Description: next novelty

punishing children 18
Interpretation of the dream: long-term commitments

fondle children 11
Translation: discomforts

supervise children 21
Dream description: requited love

stucco children 44
Meaning: Good luck in the fortunes of the family and also the birth of a child

taunt children 40
Translation of the dream: insecurity

slay children 11
Interpretation: melancholy and regret

wreathe children 1
Sense of the dream: sudden realization

circle of game 58
What does it mean: squabbles interest

see many children 12
Meaning of the dream: difficulties in life

circle of hunting 88
Description: lucky trip

broken circle 66
Interpretation of the dream: vitality and health

circle basins 86
Translation: scrupulousness in spending

literary circle 15
Dream description: peace of mind

beat children 7
Meaning: hidden scams

circle vats 34
Translation of the dream: luck and success

play with the circle 9
Interpretation: lack of courage

circle of students 61
Sense of the dream: lasting joys

circle of literati 12
What does it mean: desire for independence

Catholic circle 38
Meaning of the dream: prudence with correspondence

poor children 35
Description: profound disappointment

spank children 56
Interpretation of the dream: joys family

bronze circle 41
Translation: joy disturbed