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Car steal wheels. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Car steal wheels. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

steal a car 56
Meaning of the dream: intrigue secrets

axis of the wheels of a car 8
Description: you let yourself be guided by others too

see wheels 1
Interpretation of the dream: infirmity

chair with wheels 17
Translation: overcome obstacles

steal 11
Dream description: quarrelsome

steal chickens 87
Meaning: projects contrasted

steal spending 10
Translation of the dream: inconstancy

steal coins 26
Interpretation: threatening disease

steal parents 19
Sense of the dream: serious difficulties

steal bracelet 43
What does it mean: trip thwarted

steal emerald 7
Meaning of the dream: waivers to do

steal topaz 7
Description: waivers to do

go and steal 59
Interpretation of the dream: loss process

steal a ruby 7
Translation: waivers to do

steal the gem 29
Dream description: serious tension

steal the bag 41
Meaning: family trouble

steal the cow 54
Translation of the dream: squabbles interest

steal necklace 44
Interpretation: failure and damage

steal goods 81
Sense of the dream: disagreement in the family

steal in church 13
What does it mean: aspirations failed

steal values 74
Meaning of the dream: loss and damage

steal silver 3
Description: thwarted love

steal trust 9
Interpretation of the dream: lack of reflection

steal stole 88
Translation: wrongs to be repaired

stealing fruit 13
Dream description: Strange Adventures

stealing jewelry 58
Meaning: failure

steal a fork 86
Translation of the dream: disharmony in the family

steal objects 15
Interpretation: projects contrasted

steal card 90
Sense of the dream: malice hidden

steal the bicycle 18
What does it mean: exaggerated passive resignation

steal a secret 40
Meaning of the dream: needs of families

steal joys 26
Description: intimate projects

steal a pack 59
Interpretation of the dream: hard fight

steal the coupon 42
Translation: failures in negotiations

steal platinum 73
Dream description: wasted effort

indulgence to steal 15
Meaning: your projects will go up in smoke

steal a document 38
Translation of the dream: expectations disappointed

stealing books 40
Interpretation: bond annoying

stealing a calf 6
Sense of the dream: tumultuous relations

stealing grapes 55
What does it mean: mood swings

stealing ring 50
Meaning of the dream: failure of proposals

steal a suitcase 42
Description: treacherous friendships

stealing diamond 12
Interpretation of the dream: source of income that fades

stealing a sapphire 31
Translation: waivers to do

harp steal 52
Dream description: Fortunately lasting

stealing gold 11
Meaning: fruitless efforts

stealing figs from the tree 83
Translation of the dream: you need more freedom

stealing a pack 59
Interpretation: hard struggle for life

steal money 26
Sense of the dream: unpleasant mishaps

stealing a wallet 41
What does it mean: exploitation and harm

car 7
Meaning of the dream: even in pleasant situations, you ll still be restless and anxious

seeing a thief stealing 60
Description: need for caution

honking car 90
Interpretation of the dream: little attention to job

gypsies who steal 86
Translation: beware of fake friends

car overtaking 39
Dream description: you feel full of energy