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Captain brigade. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Captain brigade. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Brigade boys 7
Meaning of the dream: superficiality of relatives

truck brigade 48
Description: weakness of character

Brigade soldiers 11
Interpretation of the dream: malignancy of friends on your account

mutinous brigade 8
Translation: Serious discussions

Brigade friends 69
Dream description: lack of sensitivity

brigade of criminals 7
Meaning: your fortune threatened

brigade of riders 56
Translation of the dream: moments of euphoria

brigade destroyed 17
Interpretation: Patience and perseverance

brigade of women 49
Sense of the dream: excessive impressionability

Brigade marching 32
What does it mean: sensitivity of mind

brigade silvers 9
Meaning of the dream: susceptibility exaggerated

Brigade men 78
Description: sensitivity of mind

brigade of infantry 21
Interpretation of the dream: well directed actions

brigade of police 67
Translation: harmony

be part of a brigade 41
Dream description: health ailments passengers

brigade 90
Meaning: presumption punished

captain 8
Translation of the dream: adventurous life but independent

Carabinieri captain 40
Interpretation: exceptional strength

Captain of sharpshooters 21
Sense of the dream: great sensitivity

Captain troop 14
What does it mean: new and happy events

infantry captain 28
Meaning of the dream: triumph in enterprises

Captain of aviation 29
Description: pleasant novelty

captain of fortune 26
Interpretation of the dream: unjust slander

ship captain 27
Translation: good omens

Brigadier public security 55
Dream description: unscrupulous attitudes

Lieutenant Commander 24
Meaning: imprudent character


Brigadier riding 4
Translation of the dream: curiosity satisfied

Brigadier retreating 89
Interpretation: Luckily the game

Brigadier defeat 10
Sense of the dream: bodes ill

Brigadier finance 1
What does it mean: love promises unkept

Brigadier of the forest 19
Meaning of the dream: genius in business

fire chief 12
Description: wealth luck

brigadier 31
Interpretation of the dream: unscrupulous attitudes

general 90
Translation: casual attitudes

master of ship 40
Dream description: great future

to be killed by brigands 82
Meaning: heritage removed

squabbling about women 74
Translation of the dream: good news

harboring relatives 60
Interpretation: sadness from a letter

to house friends 17
Sense of the dream: joy in the family

harboring strangers 67
What does it mean: winning the game

harboring priests 15
Meaning of the dream: News coming soon

harboring ill 33
Description: trouble from relatives

to house pilgrims 3
Interpretation of the dream: demonstration of loyalty

harboring poor 66
Translation: awards undeserved

harboring men 6
Dream description: admiration for the elderly

bandit 56
Meaning: Safety to act in life without aid

scuffle 54
Translation of the dream: approaching difficult times

scuffle between teenagers 35
Interpretation: misunderstandings resolved

quarrel between brothers 26
Sense of the dream: bad consequence of a bad action

scuffle between men 63
What does it mean: eccentricity harmful

scuffle between women 36
Meaning of the dream: excessive credulity

quarrel between lovers 29
Description: novelty disturbing

scuffle between crazy 45
Interpretation of the dream: need for diplomacy

scuffle between animals 42
Translation: patient commitment to fulfill

scuffle between inmates 26
Dream description: situations to be clarified

drunken scuffle 19
Meaning: nightmares

bicker 45
Translation of the dream: sorrows

quarrel with your spouse 26
Interpretation: confusion of ideas

quarrel with a friend 74
Sense of the dream: fear of life