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Bus lane. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Bus Lane. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

burgers in fast food 13
Meaning of the dream: Luckily for work

fast ship 88
Description: new friends

track without train 62
Interpretation of the dream: everything will be for the better

fast a motorcycle 52
Translation: reasons for doubt

quick death 90
Dream description: health hazard

track fox 66
Meaning: sacrifices to bear

lane convent 18
Translation of the dream: guilt trip

track Wolf 52
Interpretation: health concerns

fast stream 85
Sense of the dream: bad business

lane 19
What does it mean: watch out for long trips

fast an airplane 86
Meaning of the dream: shifts helpful

beaten track 67
Description: timidity and melancholy

Quick travel 20
Interpretation of the dream: original views

Dog track 87
Translation: restless spirit

railway track 22
Dream description: next change

cycle track 71
Meaning: inner qualities to enforce

voluntary fast 87
Translation of the dream: prosperity earned

fast train 83
Interpretation: financial prosperity

fast pace 30
Sense of the dream: unusual experience

track someone 13
What does it mean: assistance of friends and good luck

rapid or fast 19
Meaning of the dream: new production commitments

tram track 7
Description: work and much effort

race track 21
Interpretation of the dream: luck

fast typist 51
Translation: unexpected gifts

fast horse 16
Dream description: solidarity of friends

track of hare 76
Meaning: plot foiled

fast performance 46
Translation of the dream: period full of commitments

skating track 45
Interpretation: squabbles interest

quick look 38
Sense of the dream: agitated love life

wagon off track 53
What does it mean: confused

fast for disease 4
Meaning of the dream: creative imagination

swim in water fast 13
Description: dangerous actions

fast for misery 43
Interpretation of the dream: evolution continues

see an airplane fast 11
Translation: Good news coming

track with train departing 75
Dream description: nice trip

Lane closed 14
Meaning: inner conflicts

fast for the will of others 78
Translation of the dream: indecision

bus (coach) 66
Interpretation: happy travels

tracked 15
Sense of the dream: desire to escape

narrow lane 47
What does it mean: you are supervised

Open bus 27
Meaning of the dream: deep emotion

Waterway 40
Description: Decision to ponder

access road 49
Interpretation of the dream: rivalry at work

fast ride 4
Translation: fanciful dreams

brisk walking 1
Dream description: concerns about an elderly person

subscribe to the bus 7
Meaning: deal concluded

get on the bus 51
Translation of the dream: hopes for their children

quick breakfast 3
Interpretation: satisfaction and recognition

see a open bus 49
Sense of the dream: new events

fast car 15
What does it mean: constancy in the affections

point the way 17
Meaning of the dream: supports safe

empty bus 31
Description: Councils concerned

claim by judicial process 14
Interpretation of the dream: peaceful solutions

crowded bus 4
Translation: meetings annoying

rim bus 27
Dream description: trading relations