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Brigadier of the forest. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Brigadier of the forest. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Brigadier of the forest 19
Meaning of the dream: genius in business

Brigadier riding 4
Description: curiosity satisfied

Brigadier finance 1
Interpretation of the dream: love promises unkept

Brigadier retreating 89

Brigadier public security 55
Dream description: unscrupulous attitudes

brigadier 31
Meaning: unscrupulous attitudes

Brigadier defeat 10

through the forest 75
Interpretation: Company risky and uncertain

sylvan faun (god of the forest) 2
Sense of the dream: You will be presented with a unique opportunity to make a fortune

forest with animals 9
What does it mean: anguish secret

forest catches fire 70

set fire to the forest 90

escape in the forest 52
Interpretation of the dream: envy hidden

hyena in the forest 23

forest with wild animals 63

panther in the forest 24
Meaning: strong emotions

get lost in the forest 17
Translation of the dream: project that is successful

forest fires 88
Interpretation: need for calm

shadow forest 33

police sergeant 21
What does it mean: sudden rise

forest devastated 75

forest with birds 90
Description: Safety of a choice

go to a forest 18
Interpretation of the dream: taste for beauty

forest on fire 56
Translation: excessive self-concept

cut the forest 7
Dream description: confusion

Tiger in the Jungle 72
Meaning: hidden enemies

finding himself alone in a forest 37
Translation of the dream: troubled times

Forest 60
Interpretation: there will be major challenges

woods with robbers 26

English woods 3

jungle 66
Meaning of the dream: loss

mountain with forest 78

forest with thieves 68

Italian forest 27

forest of citrus 18

scour the woods 33
Meaning: pleasant travel adventures

cyclamen forest 4
Translation of the dream: loss of a friendship

killed in the woods 38

farmer in the woods 19

camping in the woods 29
What does it mean: sudden surprises

swearing in the woods or meadows 41
Meaning of the dream: shame and give to the rich

through the woods 13
Description: temperament faithful

brig sinking 68

brig fight 88

brigantine stranded 25

brig captured 11

brig in port 40

seeing navigate brig 41
Interpretation: major gains

see brig in harbor 82
Sense of the dream: letter

brigade of infantry 21

brigade silvers 9

brigade 90
Description: presumption punished

Brigade men 78
Interpretation of the dream: sensitivity of mind

mutinous brigade 8

Brigade friends 69
Dream description: lack of sensitivity

Brigade boys 7
Meaning: superficiality of relatives

brigade of criminals 7

brigade of riders 56

brigade of women 49
Sense of the dream: excessive impressionability

Brigade soldiers 11
What does it mean: malignancy of friends on your account

brigade of police 67

be part of a brigade 41
Description: health ailments passengers

forestry militia 32

rector of the seminary 17
Translation: concrete improvements

scaffolding 14
Dream description: impending problems

dean of a college 26
Meaning: need for adaptation

dean of a community 38
Translation of the dream: intuitions

dean 20
Interpretation: blessings and honors

glade 34
Sense of the dream: trip worthwhile