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Break a large chest. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Break a large chest. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

large chest 90
Meaning of the dream: professional achievements

break (break in the machine) 66
Description: delays

chest 50
Interpretation of the dream: good things will be at hand

open a chest 44
Translation: protections for the elderly

empty chest 52
Dream description: well-founded trust

full chest 62
Meaning: optimism unconscious

burning in the chest 4
Translation of the dream: discontent passengers

wooden chest 25
Interpretation: painful renunciation

iron chest 69
Sense of the dream: circumstances of fortune

lid of a chest 88
What does it mean: Family Welfare

cover the chest 83
Meaning of the dream: disputes with relatives

scratched his chest 68
Description: aggression dangerous

woman chest 18
Interpretation of the dream: decisive answer

chest turgid 41
Translation: serene horizon

chest uncovered 39
Dream description: deception discovered with surprise

hairy chest 33
Meaning: good health

stabbed in the chest 64
Translation of the dream: commitments to be taken

spots on the chest 18
Interpretation: disease

chest colds 41
Sense of the dream: great dynamism

chest of steel 40
What does it mean: amiability and charm

tighten the chest 44
Meaning of the dream: danger of hostilities

broad chest 29
Description: unwelcome chores

tight chest 3
Interpretation of the dream: Negative thoughts

measure the chest 66
Translation: vivid imagination

take measure chest 19
Dream description: assertiveness

bright chest 25
Meaning: conduct changeable and inconstant

chest with weapons 22
Translation of the dream: good friendships

chest with coffee 66
Interpretation: you are the victim of gossip

chest with fruit 44
Sense of the dream: unfortunate investments

chest with a treasure 55
What does it mean: you adopt a child

chest pain 68
Meaning of the dream: in labor disputes

gardenia chest 41
Description: impediments and delays

chest swell 89
Interpretation of the dream: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

powder her chest 62
Translation: strong emotions in love

football in the chest 3
Dream description: bodes ill

shearing the chest 36
Meaning: projects related to housing

chest with joys 19
Translation of the dream: soon you find yourself your balance

chest burglarized 26
Interpretation: morbid jealousy

wen in the chest 74
Sense of the dream: imprudent adventures

jewel to be asked on the chest 42
What does it mean: you are loved dearly

rob a treasure chest 21
Meaning of the dream: change in behavior

stab wound to the chest 79
Description: displeasures with relatives

ice chest full 16
Interpretation of the dream: will award

empty ice chest 68
Translation: good health

miser counts the money near the chest 75
Dream description: succession next

large apartment 21
Meaning: discord in the family