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Beer sardinia. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Beer Sardinia. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Sardinia 18

beer 17
Description: next ailments and sorrows

barrel with beer 59
Interpretation of the dream: jealousy caused

drink beer 24
Translation: desire for understanding

Draught beer 82
Dream description: advantageous teachings

blonde beer 36
Meaning: multifaceted nature

Beer plug 28
Translation of the dream: abnegation for youth

bottled beer 40
Interpretation: excessive skepticism

beer with foam 48
Sense of the dream: threads dangerous

beer factory 57
What does it mean: unjustified aggression

beer mug 87
Meaning of the dream: practical achievements

jar with beer 59
Description: jealousy caused

shopkeeper beer 77
Interpretation of the dream: big gain

frothing beer 46
Translation: health and happiness

splashing beer 78
Dream description: money refund

getting drunk with beer 33
Meaning: interesting discussion

Abuse of beer 36

sour beer 43

American beer 76

monaco of beer 8

beer vienna 71

cold beer 20

beer in barrels 6

beer in the jug 83

German beer 56

bowl with beer 61

Beer lyon 38

fall in beer 27

fermentation of beer 68

buy sardines 24
What does it mean: good relationship with family

sardines in oil 8
Meaning of the dream: emotional crisis

fresh sardines 7
Description: unjustified fears

fried sardines 22
Interpretation of the dream: change of ideas

sardines in brine 84
Translation: contrasts with a young person

eating sardines 41
Dream description: Fortunately constant anger and discontent at home

Sardinian cheese 52