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Battery tool. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Battery tool. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

battery 10
Meaning of the dream: vital energy

electric battery 75
Description: dangers averted

battery of cannon 73
Interpretation of the dream: prudence in speech

battery firing 88
Translation: nervousness accentuated

car battery 20
Dream description: uncontrolled impulsiveness

buy the battery 15
Meaning: old problems to be solved

adjust the battery 57
Translation of the dream: exaggerated pride

charge a battery 47
Interpretation: intrigues foiled

battery charger 37
Sense of the dream: period of work stress

tool 61
What does it mean: good news

new tool 4
Meaning of the dream: embarrassment of choice

wedge (tool) 77
Description: aid

iron tool 16
Interpretation of the dream: inevitable adversity

pay tool 47
Translation: good proposals to sift

tool hoarse 8
Dream description: quick fixes

spinet (tool) 9
Meaning: proximity unwelcome

tool bomb 87
Translation of the dream: you will begin an arduous

tool with verdigris 65
Interpretation: need for decision

tool of lead 58
Sense of the dream: inheritance

tool porcelain 25
What does it mean: disease

making tool 49
Meaning of the dream: grief and sorrow

mouth tool 60
Description: friendships

tool carpenter 6
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected help

broken tool 67
Translation: enemy eliminated

military tool 55
Dream description: remorse for infidelity

naval tool 25
Meaning: someone you know wants to fuck

rural tool 58
Translation of the dream: attempt to deceive with false promises, attention

owning silver tool 1
Interpretation: prevent improved conditions

Shuttle (weaving tool) 14
Sense of the dream: useful work

mountaineer with tools 31
What does it mean: sudden sympathies

fishing tools 5
Meaning of the dream: awaits loss in your business

with farm tools 64
Description: right insight

honey battering 84
Interpretation of the dream: incoming letters

porch with tools 14
Translation: good business

handle tools useful work 52
Dream description: great help from a person in authority

battering blows 74
Meaning: prosperity

stool 1
Translation of the dream: penalties and unnecessary worries

sit on a stool 34
Interpretation: penalties and unnecessary worries

fall from a stool 11
Sense of the dream: business thwarted

mounted on a stool 22
What does it mean: misdirected ambition

piano stool 8
Meaning of the dream: satisfactions by young

tools 20
Description: difficult adventure

work tools 50
Interpretation of the dream: news of relatives

stool analysis 52
Translation: loneliness

stand tools 9
Dream description: confidential

chop battered 77
Meaning: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

assortment of tools 55
Translation of the dream: waivers

toolmaker 56
Interpretation: adversity with a relative

boat battering 35
Sense of the dream: money matters favorable

donut battered 43
What does it mean: meet ease gain