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Battery tool. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Battery tool. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

battery firing 88
Meaning of the dream: nervousness accentuated

battery 10
Description: vital energy

electric battery 75
Interpretation of the dream: dangers averted

charge a battery 47
Translation: intrigues foiled

tool hoarse 8
Dream description: quick fixes

adjust the battery 57
Meaning: exaggerated pride

tool bomb 87
Translation of the dream: you will begin an arduous

spinet (tool) 9
Interpretation: proximity unwelcome

broken tool 67
Sense of the dream: enemy eliminated

wedge (tool) 77
What does it mean: aid

tool carpenter 6
Meaning of the dream: unexpected help

tool 61
Description: good news

buy the battery 15
Interpretation of the dream: old problems to be solved

battery of cannon 73
Translation: prudence in speech

car battery 20
Dream description: uncontrolled impulsiveness

rural tool 58
Meaning: attempt to deceive with false promises, attention

Shuttle (weaving tool) 14
Translation of the dream: useful work

tool with verdigris 65
Interpretation: need for decision

mouth tool 60
Sense of the dream: friendships

tool porcelain 25
What does it mean: disease

new tool 4
Meaning of the dream: embarrassment of choice

tool of lead 58
Description: inheritance

iron tool 16
Interpretation of the dream: inevitable adversity

naval tool 25
Translation: someone you know wants to fuck

battery charger 37
Dream description: period of work stress

military tool 55
Meaning: remorse for infidelity

pay tool 47
Translation of the dream: good proposals to sift

making tool 49
Interpretation: grief and sorrow

owning silver tool 1
Sense of the dream: prevent improved conditions

touching an instrument 16
What does it mean: business trip

razor batteries 33
Meaning of the dream: friends you can trust

instrument bassoon 80
Description: opposition will walk

wind instrument 62
Interpretation of the dream: activity and energy

59 - Smorfia classic: hair 59

lyre instrument 38
Dream description: longing secret

toolmaker 56
Meaning: adversity with a relative

bass instrument 89
Translation of the dream: sacrifices to deal

percussion instrument 60
Interpretation: harmonious friendships

handset (musical instrument) 52
Sense of the dream: happiness

horn musical instrument 17
What does it mean: susceptibility and irritation

sound of an instrument 4
Meaning of the dream: trip to return

lira (musical instrument) 49
Description: good trip

playing oboe (musical instrument) 66
Interpretation of the dream: you meet the person you will be very useful in your career

ropes and cables, musical instrument 31
Translation: sadness

handle tools useful work 52
Dream description: great help from a person in authority

electrometer 39
Meaning: malignant insinuations

cymbal 65
Translation of the dream: good company

appliance 44
Interpretation: extravagant attitudes

faldstool 15
Sense of the dream: discomforts passengers

hearing aid 85
What does it mean: conquest of goods

dynamometer 51
Meaning of the dream: moments of agitation

utensil fishing 88
Description: luck in business

electric appliance 83
Interpretation of the dream: alarm useless

new appliance 49
Translation: you've got a prize