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Aunt surprised pregnant. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Aunt surprised pregnant. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

be surprised 36
Meaning of the dream: favorite activities

lovers surprised 81
Description: coherence in

surprised beautiful 10
Interpretation of the dream: parenthesis relaxing

uncle or aunt 20
Translation: quarrels in the family

resemble the aunt 67

heir aunt 41

pregnant 65
Translation of the dream: birth of a child, the next re-establishment of health


be pregnant 82
Interpretation: difficult projects

old pregnant 65
Sense of the dream: strained relations

pregnant woman 21
What does it mean: great joy in the family

pregnant daughter 60
Meaning of the dream: decisive help

pregnant girl 44
Description: new ideas to be realized

pregnant ridge 62
Interpretation of the dream: decider

mercy pregnant 84

pregnant mare 49

pregnant cat 53

Queen pregnant 60

ass pregnant 65

pregnant bitch 32

pregnant sow 12

pregnant giraffe 72
Meaning of the dream: conflictual relationship with children

haunt 5
Description: poverty of spirit

haunt taverns 4
Interpretation of the dream: hard struggle for existence

bad surprise 13
Translation: sentimental melancholy

exclamation of surprise 89
Dream description: imagination and fantasy

deserter surprise a secret 50
Meaning: news of an absent, sadness


pregnancy 50
Translation of the dream: birth of a child or next re-establishment of health

gaunt cheeks 3
Interpretation: You get sick

flaunt wealth 25
Sense of the dream: malice hidden

flaunt merits 39
What does it mean: waste of money

flaunt beauty 67
Meaning of the dream: talk to women

flaunt friendships 81
Description: hopes fade

flaunt courage 8
Interpretation of the dream: inner conflicts

prepare a surprise 74
Translation: critical moments

flaunting their wealth 65
Dream description: need for caution

flaunt their courage 86
Meaning: tension in the family

dismayed by surprise 11
Translation of the dream: misunderstandings and disappointments

taunt 77
Interpretation: insecurity

taunt children 40
Sense of the dream: insecurity

taunt poor 25
What does it mean: aspiration to the domain

taunt blind 9
Meaning of the dream: illusions of love

taunt humpbacks 7
Description: clarifications

taunt men 10
Interpretation of the dream: resistance

taunt women 6
Translation: poor reflection

surprise lovers 14
Dream description: exciting experience

surprise speeches 84
Meaning: good business performance

surprise 45
Translation of the dream: coherence in

receive surprise 26
Interpretation: danger of scams

make the surprise 27
Sense of the dream: irrational behavior

pleasant surprise 48
What does it mean: accentuated emotional egocentrism

unwelcome surprise 67
Meaning of the dream: search for material pleasures

haunt a person 8
Description: compromising relationship

It is haunted by cows 37
Interpretation of the dream: danger, a bit of prudence to avoid

Wood match impregnated with sulfur 47
Translation: you are very loved

gambling den surprise 72

surprising if 81

impregnate women 54

impregnate girl 35

good pregnancy 16

complicated pregnancy 64

painful pregnancy 43

impregnation 44

backwards to surprise 4

impregnate lover 18

impregnate wife 32

haunted 89

haunted repentant 90

surprise ending 87