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Arabs pray stuck. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Arabs pray stuck. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Arabs gathered around their tent 31
Meaning of the dream: imminent danger

stuck with friends 43

stuck with sons 32

stuck with husband 17

stuck with a wife 76

stuck with relatives 8

pray 82
Translation of the dream: consolations and joys

pray to someone 20
Interpretation: imprudence whose consequences will be disastrous

pray abbey 67
Sense of the dream: consolations and joys

encourage others to pray 29
What does it mean: happy coincidence

pray to the crucifix 88
Meaning of the dream: essay about

pray at the cemetery 80
Description: esteem and recognition

pray at home 20
Interpretation of the dream: firmness in action

pray on their knees 23
Translation: substantial improvements

pray fervently 18
Dream description: spiritual life fruitful

pray the Rosary 39
Meaning: idealistic aspirations

pray to god 23

pray to the Father 33

pray friend 66

pray wife 14

pray a higher 50

pray coffin of a relative 4
Description: deep pain that will determine a change of conduct

to pray for something, great and beautiful 12
Interpretation of the dream: reputation

pray to the Virgin Mary 6

Arabic alphabet 6
Dream description: recognition of honest actions

Arabic 90
Meaning: hassle nearby

unbearable heat 17
Translation of the dream: enthusiasm paid

Carabinieri captain 40
Interpretation: exceptional strength

carabineer 70
Sense of the dream: huge fortune awaits

carabiniere motorcyclist 33
What does it mean: excessive fatigue

prisoner praying 10
Meaning of the dream: overcoming difficulties

praying in the convent 74
Description: realization of desires

prayer beads 52
Interpretation of the dream: efforts rewarded

irreparable damage 41
Translation: unreasonable fees

say prayers 17
Dream description: health and happiness

prayer time 3
Meaning: physical force

morning prayers 62
Translation of the dream: intense activity

evening prayers 17
Interpretation: reasonableness and prudence

teach prayers 51
Sense of the dream: position ensured

praying in church 22
What does it mean: lasting serenity

praying in a whisper 27
Meaning of the dream: victory over rivals

parabola 11
Description: Forgive your enemies

prayer 49
Interpretation of the dream: quiet soul and joy

accommodate a prayer 35
Translation: fortune

reject a prayer 34
Dream description: misfortune

gather in prayer 16
Meaning: lucky chance

reciting prayers 6
Translation of the dream: dream come true

religious praying 68
Interpretation: serenity of judgment

rector praying 10
Sense of the dream: excellent relations

contact prayers 57
What does it mean: New appointments

scarab 30
Meaning of the dream: the love of a partner, prosperity in business, health in family make life happy and peaceful

ceiling with stucco 48
Description: business trip

nun praying 74
Interpretation of the dream: pleasant surprise

old praying 75
Translation: entry money

spray verdigris 12
Dream description: family conflicts

agonized praying 61

Hail Mary prayer 6

Abbess praying 14

stucco children 44

a tertiary praying 43

Arabic gum 61

incomparable 64

inseparable 49

unbearable 7

plastered with stucco 83

irreparable 88

monaco praying 49

praying to saints 41

praying her husband 32

praying mother 14

arabesque 90

Arab architecture 16

Absolution for prayer 38

the character of the Arab press 55

I believe prayer 76

woman praying 68

stopped by the carabinieri 8

missionary who prays 81

still praying 51

died praying 50