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Alone soul. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Alone soul. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

dead soul 14
Meaning of the dream: you need assistance for families

Blessed soul 88
Description: strength and health

living soul 21
Interpretation of the dream: small financial losses

inner soul 63
Translation: trouble

sensitive soul 81
Dream description: exit routes

good soul society 75
Meaning: threads to avoid

have only one ear 7
Translation of the dream: loss of substances or of use

Single lens 19
Interpretation: seeks to deepen an important issue

souls in purgatory 65
Sense of the dream: severe pain

see a single slab of granite 46
What does it mean: Friends will help you in the coming days

discharge itself 6
Meaning of the dream: unsuccessful business

paddling alone 22
Description: trip likely

sincere heart 32
Interpretation of the dream: character proud

spirit 25
Translation: impressionability

peel one foot 24
Dream description: unexpected complications

single phase 18
Meaning: confusing situation

rubber sole 51
Translation of the dream: to overcome shyness

burning spirit 56
Interpretation: ill-intentioned people

only one single 8
Sense of the dream: there is a person that you do not have trust

lose the sole 24
What does it mean: urgent business

Holy Spirit 5
Meaning of the dream: hope, fatality

go home alone 44
Description: changes in mood

mountaineer only 46
Interpretation of the dream: marital infidelity

wolf alone that worries or is frightening 15
Translation: attention to car crashes

district solitary 63
Dream description: danger of separation

solar halo 21
Meaning: dangerous fatalism

only have one oar 63
Translation of the dream: hard you accomplish your projects

weave ivy single row 27
Interpretation: you have a very loyal friend, fortune in friendships and in love

abbey 40
Sense of the dream: desire for tranquility

monogamous 7
What does it mean: sincere people around you

convent 20
Meaning of the dream: good earnings

fitting into one 60
Description: requited love

white spirit 18
Interpretation of the dream: concerns falling

doubt themselves 72
Translation: difficulties in family

being alone 16
Dream description: happy discovery

coffee bar 34
Meaning: small talk

Abbess in the monastery 68
Translation of the dream: quiet life

Dominican monastery 6
Interpretation: indirect benefits

monocle 85
Sense of the dream: you recognize yourself your trespasses

gallon of spirit 14
What does it mean: moments of despair

watch yourself 26
Meaning of the dream: solid principles

spirit stove 82
Description: disputes with colleagues

amputate one ear 45
Interpretation of the dream: contrariness

bowl with spirit 20
Translation: you are very insecure

Augustinian monastery 7
Dream description: willingness fragile

Abbess in church 84
Meaning: interesting news

spirit clutch 90
Translation of the dream: your position very stable

abbey of monks 38
Interpretation: breaking contracts

make one's debut 88
Sense of the dream: marital fidelity

old convent 48
What does it mean: more force to get your results

spirit varnish 55
Meaning of the dream: impulsiveness and nervousness