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Alarm disease. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Alarm disease. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

alarm 5
Meaning of the dream: excessive dynamism

alarm parents 2
Description: lasting achievements

alarm the creditors 29
Interpretation of the dream: physical endurance

alarm debtors 4
Translation: unjust decisions

alarm fire 84
Dream description: liberation from boring people

alarm for riot 15
Meaning: Memory lively

false alarm 4
Translation of the dream: liberation from melancholy

hear alarm 14
Interpretation: protection from family

put in alarm 81
Sense of the dream: responsibility falls

your alarm clock 72
What does it mean: unexpected encounters

waking to an alarm 34
Meaning of the dream: unnecessary risk

alarm whistle 7
Description: willingness combative

alarm signal 34
Interpretation of the dream: favorable changes

travel alarm 36
Translation: balance and discipline

uploading an alarm 18
Dream description: choice to make

give an alarm 81
Meaning: emotional intensity

repair an alarm 57
Translation of the dream: confused

military Alarm 80
Interpretation: you have so much desire to fight

Alarm in prison 14

alarm thieves 83


alarm sirens 47

Alarm clock 79

radio alarm 47
Interpretation of the dream: you need to make healthy physical activity

buy an alarm clock 35
Translation: discovery of a secret

hear the alarm sound 55
Dream description: projects to be completed

disease 29
Meaning: job loss, or even prestige

have a disease 30
Translation of the dream: insecurity

freeze for disease 29
Interpretation: gift on arrival

aggravation of disease 73
Sense of the dream: true friendship

killing for disease 74
What does it mean: statement of their views

anxious for a disease 67
Meaning of the dream: distrust of friends

consumed by disease 43
Description: recovery of energy

contagious disease 18
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected rescue

contracting a disease 14
Translation: spirit stingy

consternation for a disease 15
Dream description: willingness iron

eradicate a disease 51
Meaning: impulsivity and dissatisfaction

wasting disease 63
Translation of the dream: practical achievements

diagnosis of a disease 61
Interpretation: budding love

diet to disease 65
Sense of the dream: torments unnecessary

spread disease 12
What does it mean: melancholy

fast for disease 4
Meaning of the dream: creative imagination

conceal a disease 49
Description: enterprise of uncertain outcome

liver disease 90
Interpretation of the dream: calculations involved

crazy for disease 4
Translation: great sadness

infectious disease 78
Dream description: impossible love

nerve disease 5
Meaning: Fortunately by women

disease of the breast 3
Translation of the dream: unpleasant news

chronic disease 6
Interpretation: squabbles interest