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Abbot comes to us. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Abbot comes to us. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Abbot comes to us 31
Meaning of the dream: insincerity

Abbot who confesses 8
Description: concerns

Abbot car 12
Interpretation of the dream: discussions and pains

Abbot unregulated 56
Translation: benefits

abbot 27
Dream description: harbinger of doom

Abbot in airplane 13
Meaning: temporary difficulties

outrageous abbot 80
Translation of the dream: falsehood

regular abbot 43
Interpretation: minor glitches

abbot who walks 65
Sense of the dream: family quarrels

Abbot who writes 53
What does it mean: You do courting a silly girl

Abbot talks 41
Meaning of the dream: something makes you insecure

Abbot preaches 50
Description: small financial losses

abbot who does alms 7
Interpretation of the dream: concern for a family

Abbot who marries 44
Translation: partnership working is not paying off

Abbot in function 18
Dream description: obstacles in the profession

ill abbot 74
Meaning: Fortunately incoming

Abbot horse 18
Translation of the dream: joy in family

Abbot elevator 85
Interpretation: battles lit

old abbot 38
Sense of the dream: eventful period

abbot who takes tobacco 4
What does it mean: small woes

Abbot flirting 83
Meaning of the dream: deserved awards

Abbot falling 13
Description: love of neighbor

Abbot singing 32
Interpretation of the dream: poor security

Abbot airship 88
Translation: union dangerous

abbot fleeing 90
Dream description: concerns passing

abbot crying 54
Meaning: New appointments

dead abbot 11
Translation of the dream: dangers

Abbot boat 23
Interpretation: treason in love

abbot canonical 75
Sense of the dream: opposition prevented

abbot who blesses 34
What does it mean: successful initiatives

Abbot screaming 78
Meaning of the dream: you're isolating yourself from others

abbot secular 6
Description: talk of slanderers

be an abbot 48
Interpretation of the dream: contrasts

Abbot smoking 20
Translation: vivid imagination

Abbot playing 21
Dream description: We have to try to fix some complex situations

Abbot tram 31
Meaning: change of position

abbot transvestite 89
Translation of the dream: serenity of spirit

Abbot sleeping 17
Interpretation: confidence with your loved one

drunk abbot 51
Sense of the dream: luck in the profession

abbot sitting 24
What does it mean: you have an artistic sense and do road

Abbot in procession 39
Meaning of the dream: crucial meeting

abbot pederast 28
Description: period of extreme confusion

abbot in the train 47
Interpretation of the dream: happiness in love

abbot in the refectory 28
Translation: bright future

Abbot Church 55
Dream description: future plans

Abbot with dead 18
Meaning: mild illness

abbot driver 65
Translation of the dream: momentary embarrassment

Abbot with prostitute 11
Interpretation: discouragement and abandonment

Abbot drinking 45
Sense of the dream: contrariness

Abbot with pastoral 19
What does it mean: your way of thinking may be too outdated and antiquated

Abbot dancing 63
Meaning of the dream: Good news

Abbot with boxer 28
Description: own business in disarray