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Sliced ​​potatoes. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream sliced ​​potatoes. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

sliced ​​potatoes 80
Meaning of the dream: money lent

sliced ​​cheese 30
Description: intrigue and imposture

sliced ​​fruit 22
Interpretation of the dream: changes in life

sliced ​​salami 66
Translation: found money

sliced ​​watermelon 60
Dream description: considerable sacrifices

sliced ​​pork 66

sliced ​​pumpkin 3

Sliced ​​Cucumber 45

sliced ​​tomatoes 87

Boil potatoes 35
What does it mean: Fortunately variable

seasoned potatoes 10
Meaning of the dream: low activity

fry potatoes 60
Description: optimism and enthusiasm

floured potatoes 31
Interpretation of the dream: visits boring

soup with potatoes 61
Translation: mild illness

potatoes in the field 82
Dream description: happy hours and serene

buy potatoes 65
Meaning: job performance

eat potatoes 6
Translation of the dream: physical endurance

boiled potatoes 32
Interpretation: satisfactions by a son

large potatoes 17
Sense of the dream: return of money

small potatoes 29
What does it mean: momentary embarrassment

planting potatoes 29
Meaning of the dream: serenity

peel potatoes 6
Description: honesty and integrity

unearth potatoes 38

omelet with potatoes 57

sprouting of potatoes 71

embark potatoes 37

peeling potatoes 6

meatloaf with potatoes 45

kid with potatoes 56

pasta with potatoes 38

It rotates with potatoes 18

slice 54
Description: abundance and richness

slice bread 80
Interpretation of the dream: abundance and richness

slice porridge 12
Translation: windfall

slice sweet 76
Dream description: good business

potato starch 55
Meaning: excessive shyness

potato field 1
Translation of the dream: excellent results

potato side dish 27
Interpretation: serenity of spirit

slices 43
Sense of the dream: be content with what you have

slices of bread 34
What does it mean: still work

Slice of meat 49
Meaning of the dream: protection from relatives

slice of ham 23
Description: uncertainty and doubt

slice of cheese 15
Interpretation of the dream: good health

slice of salami 5
Translation: friendships safe

slice of watermelon 61
Dream description: fun with friends

slice of cake 6
Meaning: family party

potato sack 4
Translation of the dream: economic improvement

potato 31
Interpretation: hard time

cut into slices 83
Sense of the dream: window of opportunity

potato bite 41

potato dumpling 13

lawn potato 33

slice of mortadella 90

slice of pear 11

slice of fishing 49

slice of veal 77

potato with butter 68

baked potato 48

potato planted 11