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Lion's mane. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream lion's mane. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

lion's mane 71
Meaning of the dream: good deals

mane donkey 39
Description: trip inadvisable

mane 18
Interpretation of the dream: durable stability

taming a lion 58
Translation: revenge on enemies

kill the lion 22
Dream description: Fortunately incoming

tail of a lion 25
Meaning: new friends

lion devours 13
Translation of the dream: overcome opposition

fight with a lion 46
Interpretation: uncertainty about what to do

angry lion 80
Sense of the dream: big profit

lion tamed 13
What does it mean: good and firm friendships

lion escapes 15
Meaning of the dream: risk of theft

mane helmet 32
Description: businesses difficult

mane horse 73
Interpretation of the dream: durable stability

lion claw 4
Translation: anguish of love

mauled by lion 79
Dream description: happiness contrasted

ears of lion or other beasts 21
Meaning: betrayal by enemies and jealous, we believe friends

lion bite 30
Translation of the dream: rebellion environment

lion attacking 39
Interpretation: vain ostentation

dead lion 54
Sense of the dream: lack of money

lion roaring 72
What does it mean: health hazard

caged lion 36
Meaning of the dream: breaking agreements

lion at the zoo 3
Description: important protections

Lion 42
Interpretation of the dream: a person of a certain rank, influential and prestigious is near

lionskin 53
Translation: if you could confide more you would be lighter and more graceful

Leon's mouth 90
Dream description: sudden melancholy

white foliage 21
Meaning: success in society

St. Leo 41
Translation of the dream: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

Giraffe chased the lions 9
Interpretation: important people to you mistreated

hair of man 23
Sense of the dream: strong-willed spirit

lions 42
What does it mean: friendship, protection for part of a large

paperweight 48
Meaning of the dream: You are looking for stability

altruism 57
Description: serenity conquered

Philharmonic 51
Interpretation of the dream: worries and troubles

megaphone 28
Translation: You will advance grade

dahlia 88
Dream description: triumph over enemies

serenade 14
Meaning: combativeness

pantograph 3
Translation of the dream: contentment

music paper 90
Interpretation: favorable changes

convicted of patricide 75
Sense of the dream: good health

innkeeper pouring wine 44
What does it mean: onerous task

proscenium stage 18
Meaning of the dream: missed opportunity

pig 4
Description: obsessive love that must be checked if you do not get a rejection and even ridicule

Acorn for pork 28
Interpretation of the dream: Doom

innkeeper that mixes wine 27
Translation: jealousy and misunderstandings

breakage of wood or of any other object 17
Dream description: funeral in sight

yoke 78
Meaning: adapt to the situation

horns 7
Translation of the dream: dangers

debt 69
Interpretation: Good news

feet 3
Sense of the dream: next a trip or the departure of a few family

soapy 30
What does it mean: mishaps

suckling 65
Meaning of the dream: shopping disadvantageous