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Hear the mother's voice. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream hear the mother's voice. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

its voice heard 10
Meaning of the dream: dangerous head shots

male voice 12
Description: events and achievements

voice 8
Interpretation of the dream: Message from the realm of the unconscious or spiritual

hoarse voice 61
Translation: attitudes too undecided

hear a scream 56
Dream description: unpleasant surprises

dull voice 84
Meaning: rudeness and arrogance

trailing voice 62
Translation of the dream: small defeat

strident voice 2
Interpretation: useful information

muffled voice 2
Sense of the dream: someone wants to hinder

imitate the voice 15
What does it mean: poor luck

strong voice 34
Meaning of the dream: happy hours

shrill voice 90
Description: moodiness passenger

emotional voice 57
Interpretation of the dream: financial trouble

mother (mom) 52
Translation: protection and affection will come from a person close

nasal voice 47
Dream description: absurd claims

raise your voice 78
Meaning: false insinuations

lose your voice 52
Translation of the dream: chatter

delicate voice 11
Interpretation: aggressive intentions

hear a song 36
Sense of the dream: opposition in the emotional life

hear whistling 9
What does it mean: you will be warned

deafening voice 52
Meaning of the dream: lasting ties

hear a lecture 10
Description: bad news

hear drum rolls 20
Interpretation of the dream: everything will be for the best in the business

hear an echo 18
Translation: visits

hear the Gospel reading 14
Dream description: Good news

hear a sweet song 56
Meaning: good news

hear complaints 89
Translation of the dream: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

hear the pealing 6
Interpretation: unnecessary troubles

hear the whistle of the wind 24
Sense of the dream: painful anguish secret

hear thunder 5
What does it mean: victory over your enemies and good tidings

hear praises 18
Meaning of the dream: good friends

woman's voice 22
Description: emotional states

hear noises 23
Interpretation of the dream: interesting talks

hear a cricket 18
Translation: the sick: a sign of worsening

hear Mass 30
Dream description: unjustified humiliation

Lowering voice 14
Meaning: praises

hear a whimper 28
Translation of the dream: It manages more annoying and more hopeful for the future

hear the phone ring 8
Interpretation: projects to be concluded

regret of mother 80
Sense of the dream: meeting of interest

hear the bell sound 20
What does it mean: be careful of anything that happens at work

hear a piano playing 51
Meaning of the dream: New business

hear the song thrush 11
Description: great joy and tranquility

hear playing violin 4
Interpretation of the dream: vitality

hear footsteps 12
Translation: you'll be surprised negatively by a person

hear bells 84
Dream description: alarms, complaints, seductions, defamation

hear again 69
Meaning: sorrows and troubles

hear talking 11
Translation of the dream: impulsive decision

hear someone gasp 26
Interpretation: a person is in danger

laugh to hear 10
Sense of the dream: ambiguous situation

portrait of mother 52
What does it mean: ambition and pride