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Tweed (fabric). Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Tweed (fabric). The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

tweed (fabric) 11
Meaning of the dream: money in sight

linen fabric 62
Description: polemic

gabardine (fabric) 14
Interpretation of the dream: beauty and wisdom

madapolam (fabric) 71
Translation: much work ahead

Oxford (fabric) 38
Dream description: you will make a visit worthwhile

resistant fabric 42
Meaning: spirit of contradiction

printing on fabric 80
Translation of the dream: stormy love

fabric or cloth 2
Interpretation: components of your life

white fabric 44
Sense of the dream: New Adventures

green fabric 63
What does it mean: exciting projects

fabric silver 40
Meaning of the dream: funeral cortege

fabric gold 4
Description: party

hooping fabric 38

shiny fabric 85

spinner or woolen fabric 47
Dream description: do not overlook the small if you want to become great

see or wear tulle (fabric) 38
Meaning: Adventure happy

alliance between relatives 7
Translation of the dream: healthy insights

alliance between friends 80
Interpretation: liberation from weights

alliance between powerful 90
Sense of the dream: constancy in the affections

alliance between religious 22
What does it mean: protection of elderly

alliance between enemies 79
Meaning of the dream: increase physical energy

alliance between peoples 37
Description: gossip of friends

scuffle between teenagers 35
Interpretation of the dream: misunderstandings resolved

quarrel between brothers 26
Translation: bad consequence of a bad action

scuffle between men 63
Dream description: eccentricity harmful

scuffle between women 36
Meaning: excessive credulity

quarrel between lovers 29
Translation of the dream: novelty disturbing

scuffle between crazy 45
Interpretation: need for diplomacy

scuffle between animals 42
Sense of the dream: patient commitment to fulfill

scuffle between inmates 26
What does it mean: situations to be clarified

samples of fabrics 19
Meaning of the dream: to iron out misunderstandings

border between two states 42
Description: nostalgia for a distant person

deposit fabrics 44
Interpretation of the dream: over-reactions and dangerous

dialogue between friends 58
Translation: Luckily the game

Dialogue between men 13
Dream description: indecision in business

dialogue between women 16
Meaning: breaking contracts

discord between lovers 34
Translation of the dream: ingratitude of friends

discord between spouses 75
Interpretation: tightening of relations

collision between two cars 39
Sense of the dream: business and improve within a short time

collision between two motorcycles 34
What does it mean: the person you love will craves

clash between two animals with horns 77
Meaning of the dream: solve very soon situation remained dormant until now

fabricate a cage 59
Description: delight

Hybrid (crosses between breeds heterogeneous) 77
Interpretation of the dream: try not to meddle in other people s things

imbroglio between lovers 2
Translation: advantageous marriage

talking between his teeth 24
Dream description: vanity wound

softness of fabrics 67
Meaning: incoming letter

lawsuit between relatives 87
Translation of the dream: serious disaster

lawsuit between friends 72
Interpretation: vanity and pride

lawsuit between a man and a woman 40
Sense of the dream: misunderstandings and mishaps

matter between spouses 4
What does it mean: lack of generosity

matter between friends 7
Meaning of the dream: strenuous efforts

matter between lovers 21
Description: bitter experiences

matter between relatives 23
Interpretation of the dream: shrewd intelligence

rivalry between friends 58
Translation: nervous tension

rivalry between brothers 10
Dream description: feeling is unjustified

rivalry between colleagues 78
Meaning: period of no confidence

scene between women 75
Translation of the dream: important events

scene between men 14
Interpretation: revenge and satisfaction

scene between lovers 38
Sense of the dream: difficult days

stretch fabrics 64
What does it mean: a lot of physical and mental energy