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Santa's elf. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Santa's elf. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

elf spirits 4
Meaning of the dream: you many pangs of conscience

Santa Claus 25
Description: give, accept or forgive

beautify himself 47
Interpretation of the dream: have faith, believe in yourself

fondle himself 21
Translation: flattery

blinding himself 55
Dream description: unjustified fears

accused who defends himself 26
Meaning: superficiality of feelings

unselfish man 83
Translation of the dream: intrigues foiled

selfless woman 4
Interpretation: irritation harmful

a higher selfless 36
Sense of the dream: speculation guess

selfless action 15
What does it mean: sacrifices for relatives

selfless decision 78
Meaning of the dream: gain extra

selfish lover 57
Description: fickleness

kill oneself 47
Interpretation of the dream: process lost

kill oneself for love 27
Translation: caution with older people

arm oneself 44
Dream description: not afraid of anything

arm yourself with stick 16
Meaning: thwarted love

arm yourself with gun 10
Translation of the dream: concerns from relatives

arm yourself with sword 34
Interpretation: slight indisposition

arm yourself with dagger 88
Sense of the dream: severe concerns

arm yourself with knife 41
What does it mean: minor accident

dry oneself 40
Meaning of the dream: It will switch place

find yourself at the fork on the right path 22
Description: wise insight

find yourself at the fork on the wrong path 89
Interpretation of the dream: reckless projects

mark that hangs himself 44
Translation: little understanding in the family

burn yourself 19
Dream description: disorders

settle oneself 57
Meaning: poverty and need

curse the peasants or the poor 18
Translation of the dream: fortune

acquit oneself 38
Interpretation: selfishness

pheasant hunt 36
Sense of the dream: arrogance in love

singing unpleasant 69
What does it mean: Success in business

cut yourself with a knife 10
Meaning of the dream: self-doubt

commit himself to the game 28
Description: painful indecision

dedicate himself to the poor 31
Interpretation of the dream: harmony in the family

peasant 2
Translation: spontaneous personality essentiality lover

peasant old 10
Dream description: violent passion

young peasant 22
Meaning: great activities

peasant farmyard 27
Translation of the dream: new ideas and inspirations

peasant eating 69
Interpretation: good agreement in family

talk to a peasant 6
Sense of the dream: attitudes secrets

barefoot peasant 34
What does it mean: desire to please

convince yourself to leave 34
Meaning of the dream: Successful slow

croissants 10
Description: honesty and uprightness

buy croissants 59
Interpretation of the dream: vanity and stubbornness

eating croissants 42
Translation: financial problems

bake croissants 43
Dream description: good resolutions

chrysanthemums 53
Meaning: hidden enemies

yellow chrysanthemums 33
Translation of the dream: hidden enemies

chrysanthemums dark 44
Interpretation: conquest of goods